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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

School: He is a he and not a she!

OMAHA, Nebraska, May 20, 2009 ( - A Catholic school has turned down re-admittance of an eight-year-old boy whose mother has granted the child's requests to be dressed and treated as a girl. (Three cheers for a Catholic school acting like one!)

Rather than continue to attend St. Wenceslaus Catholic school, where the child dressed in a boy's uniform in previous years, the boy will now attend a public school in girl's clothes. (Another reason for private or home schooling.)

"She's been a girl since the beginning, everything about her, the way she dances and skips around and the things she's attracted to. It's more than toys and clothes," the mother told a local news station. (Mom needs a checkup from the neck up.)

"The child is welcomed to come, but it would not be acceptable to change the child's gender and present as a girl," said archdiocesan chancellor Father Joseph Taphorn. (Get 'em padre!)

According to Catholic anthropology, which considers a person's gender an objective physical reality, individuals with Gender Identity Disorder (GID) achieve healing by working to overcome deep-seated mental aversion to their genetically-determined gender. (Which is a nice way of saying, "Get used to what you see in the mirror. It's yours for life!)

This runs contrary to modern mainstream ideology, which posits gender as subject to personal interpretation or choice. (Bullshit. Why not just "interpret" yourself as a kangaroo, it makes as much sense.) Thus, in recent years many in the psychiatric community have begun encouraging gender perceptions with superficial alterations such as cross-dressing, hormone therapy, and cosmetic surgery. (I used to refer to psychiatrists as "witch doctors", maybe that was closer to the truth than not. Kind of a slam on witch doctors though.)

However, several experts continue to assert that the phenomenon stems from a disorder essentially mental in nature, and therefore ill-served by physical accommodation. (Translation: the kid is nuts, so is the mother for caving in to this crap.)

In a 2001 article, Dr. Richard P. Fitzgibbons, a medical doctor with the National Association for Research & Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH), pointed out that young boys (who are more susceptible to GID than girls) do not act like normal girls the same age, but imitate adult women. (Could it be there is no father to act as role model, so the kids start imitating "mom"?) This, he says, indicates an inordinate aversion to their own sex, rather than a genuine identification with girlhood.

"These troubled children reject certain types of play and clothing precisely because it is associated with their own gender, and they adopt activities because they are associated in their mind with the opposite sex," he wrote.

The solution, he says, is helping children appreciate their own gender. "Children need to feel good about their gender identity," Fitzgibbons said. "He needs to feel good about being a boy and becoming a man." (Did all this crap start about the time feminazis began whining about the "insensitivity" of men? Did the downplaying of manly traits such as stoicism, physical courage and a sense of responsibility leave a void felt by young boys? Hell, I know I'd rather be John Wayne than PeeWee Herman any day of the week!)

Fitzgibbons pointed to studies that showed GID can be fully resolved with early therapy aimed at directing the child to appreciate his gender. (Give him G.I. Joe action figures, let him play with toy guns, learn that Bambi actually tastes good with mashed potatoes. Try that sort of thing.)

"Given the positive results of early intervention, the profound unhappiness of these children during elementary school, and the massive problems which accompany same-sex attraction in adolescence, parents should do everything possible to help their child resolve even minor gender identity problems," he wrote. (No shit! Good going Doc, you must have gotten your money's worth of education at college, unlike many of your colleagues.)

(To read Dr. Fitzgibbons' article in full on NARTH's website:

A close member of The War Department's family has opined at times about "manly" things. She feels the Alamo was stupid, "Moby Dick" is incomprehensible, when I described the events the movie "300" was based on I got a blank stare. She's definitely a product of her time and I'd bet most guys her age (early 30's) would feel the same.

This is where the feminization of our youth has led. Men are no longer men in the traditional sense. They now have to be "sensitive" and "in touch with their feelings". Boys can't be boys, they have to be girls with dicks. Bullshit!

No wonder kids like the one in this story are confused. Not only are they confused, their parents fall right in line with their dysfunctional thinking. I notice there's no mention of a father in the kid's life, five gets you ten he was given the heave-ho by "mom" some time ago. After all, everyone "knows" you don't need a father in children's lives these days.

But that's a subject for another post.


Joe of St. Thérèse said...

And we wonder why there's a decline in vocations, LOL!

Most Rev. Gregori said...

The vast majority of psychiatrists who aid and abet deviant behavior are just as "crazy" as their patients. Besides, I have NEVER heard of psychiatrist curing any one.

How did you like that farce a while back about how the media and Oprah Winfrey made a big deal about a "man giving birth". The first time in history, a man gives birth to a baby, they said. Such B.S. It was a woman who had under gone male hormonal treatments to shrink her boobs and grow facial hair, but she still had the female organs so that she could get pregnant. Even if she had a surgical operation to give her male organs, she would still be a female according to her chromosomes.

Harry said...

In this vein, I am Napoleon. You may address me as, "Your Excellency" . . . from bended knee of course.

Always On Watch said...

the boy will now attend a public school in girl's clothesWell, doesn't that just figure.

The public school system is a goner when it comes to core values.

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