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Saturday, May 09, 2009

Time to stand up and be counted.

I mentioned sometime ago how the level of animosity over abortion was being ratcheted up BY BOTH SIDES. Here's some proof of it, It's a quick story detailing how Alan Keyes has been arrested for performing a protest against the Obama invitation to speak at Notre Dame. Seems Dr. Keyes went on the campus itself, pushing a baby carriage with a blood spattered doll inside. He and over twenty others are now sharing a cell.

I've not decided how much to agree/disagree with the tactic. In the long run it won't matter. The boundaries between prolifers and abortion supporters are hardening and becoming more sharply defined. We'll see more incidents like this, answered from the proaborts in equally strong terms. Sitting on the fence is less an option.

So we'd better be ready to up the ante on our prayer vigils, protests, etc. Right now they're tame to say the least. The last vigil I attended was just a group of folk outside an abortion mill, holding signs, singing hymns and praying. We were still under constant police surveillance. Seems the guy who runs the slaughterhouse doesn't like us. Boo frigging hoo. He's even had the EXACT boundary of his property marked with chalk on the sidewalk, if anyone so much as unconsciously rests a heel over that line BANG!! the cops are called for a formal complaint.

Contrast that with the Petland protest I saw this morning down in the city of Plano, A protest similar to this one. The folks I saw were protesting a "puppy mill"!! They were dressed in mourning veils, had signs that put ours to shame and REALLY stood out! No, I'm not kidding about those veils either. Wonder if maybe prolifers should start wearing some, maybe it would get the point across more strongly.

It says something when so many folk get worked up over puppies but you won't see near that many protesting the murder of babies. That apathy will be shaken in the near future and I feel a "kill the messenger" mentality will take hold. This will be encouraged by our proabort President and Congress.

Soon the tactics of an Alan Keyes won't be the exception, they'll be the norm. Then the messenger starts getting his ass kicked.

But the alternative is to be a "good little Christian" who would never/ever sit in judgement of anyone. Kind of a lukewarm sort. For the response of God to that, read the Biblical quote at the top of my blog.


ignorant redneck said...

Where can I get a mournng band?

Most Rev. Gregori said...

At what point in history did "Christians" become such wimps? When are we going to wake up and realize that just standing around praying doesn't win anything? All we are accomplishing is to make ourselves look like weak, spineless jerks that will slink off like a beaten dog with its tail between its legs once we have lost the battle for good and say, "Oh well, it must be God's Will for us to lose." Hey people, I got news for you, it is NOT God's Will for us to lose, He wants us to show some backbone when confronting evil.

ignorant redneck said...


Did You know that our blogs are bloced by microsoft parental control software?


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