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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Morning after pill to be sold to minors soon.

They call this thing "Plan B". If "Plan A" was abstinence there'd be no need of "B".

WASHINGTON (AP) - Seventeen-year-olds will be able to buy the "morning-after" emergency contraceptive without a doctor's prescription, a decision that conservatives denounced as a blow to parental supervision of teens but that women's groups said represents sound science. (So "science" trumps morality. Noted.)

The Food and Drug Administration said Wednesday it would accept, not appeal, a federal judge's order that lifts Bush administration restrictions limiting over-the-counter sales of "Plan B" to women 18 and older. U.S. District Judge Edward Korman ruled last month in a lawsuit filed in New York that President George W. Bush's appointees let politics, not science, drive their decision to restrict over-the-counter access.

Women's groups said the FDA's action was long overdue, since the agency's own medical reviewers had initially recommended that the contraceptive be made available without any age restrictions. (Lovely, when do they start selling it to thirteen year old girls? Don't tell me, I'd rather not know right now.)

Korman ordered the FDA to let 17-year-olds get the birth control pills. He also directed the agency to evaluate clinical data to determine whether all age restrictions should be lifted.

The FDA's latest action does not mean that Plan B will be immediately available to 17-year-olds.The manufacturer must first submit a request. (Which will go through the confimation process like shit through a goose.)

"It's a good indication that the agency will move expeditiously to ensure its policy on Plan B is based solely on science," said Nancy Northup, president of the Center for Reproductive Rights, which filed the lawsuit. (Who said secularists had no religion? Science is now their god.)

Conservatives said politics drove the decision.

"Parents should be furious at the FDA's complete disregard of parental rights and the safety of minors," said Wendy Wright, president of Concerned Women for America. (IMHO a good point. Seventeen year olds aren't allowed near naval reactors, when I was in the canoe club we'd occasionally get a lad who hadn't made his eighteenth birthday before reporting aboard the boat. They always warranted special attention, even though the ones I remember came to us during the shipyard construction period when the reactor installation was only a future deadline to be met. Bottom line, a seventeen year old boy or girl is not fully developed. Start dumping chemicals of ANY kind into their bodies and you're asking for trouble.)

Plan B is emergency contraception that contains a high dose of birth control drugs and will not interfere with an established pregnancy. It works by preventing ovulation or fertilization. In medical terms, pregnancy begins when a fertilized egg attaches itself to the wall of the uterus.

If taken within 72 hours of unprotected sex, it can reduce a woman's chances of pregnancy by as much as 89 percent.

Critics of the contraceptive say Plan B is the equivalent of an abortion pill because it can prevent a fertilized egg from attaching to the uterus. Recent research suggests that's possible but not likely. (Uh-huh. That sort of reasoning is the basis of lawsuits.)

The battle over access to Plan B has dragged on for the better part of a decade, through the terms of three FDA commissioners. Among many in the medical community, it came to symbolize the decline of science at the agency because top FDA managers refused to go along with the recommendations of scientific staff and outside advisers that the drug be made available with no age restrictions.

"The FDA got caught up in a saga, it got caught up in a drama," said Susan Wood, who served as the agency's top women's health official and resigned in 2005 over delays in issuing a decision. "This issue served as a clear example of the agency being taken off track, and it highlighted the problems FDA was facing in many other areas."

The treatment consists of two pills and sells for $35 to $60. Women must ask for Plan B at the pharmacy counter and show identification with their date of birth. The drug is made by a subsidiary of Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, an Israeli company. It does not prevent sexually transmitted infections, such as HIV/AIDS.

Supporters of broader access argued that Plan B is safe and effective in preventing unwanted pregnancy and could help reduce the number of abortions. (Like condoms? If you encourage risky behavior by decreasing the likelihood of consequences don't you take the chance of actually INCREASING the risk of those consequences?)

Opponents, including prominent conservatives, counter that it would encourage promiscuity and might even become a tool for criminals running prostitution rings, as well as for sexual predators.

Early in the Bush administration, more than 60 organizations petitioned the FDA to allow sales without a prescription. But according to court documents, the issue quickly became politicized.

In 2003, a panel of outside advisers voted 23-4 to recommend over-the-counter sales without age restrictions. But top FDA officials told their subordinates that no approval could be issued at the time, and the decision would be made at a higher level. That's considered highly unusual, since the FDA usually has the last word on drug decisions.

In his ruling, Korman said that FDA staffers were told the White House had been involved in the decision on Plan B. The government said in court papers that politics played no role.

In 2005, the Center for Reproductive Rights and other organizations sued in federal court to force an FDA decision.

The following year, the FDA allowed Plan B to be sold without a prescription to adults. But the controversy raged on over access for teens. (Don't worry, our kids will soon be allowed to buy them without ever informing us. Soon after that they'll be able to get abortion on demand with no parental involvement either. Boy, do we suck!)


Rick said...

Nice fisk.

ignorant redneck said...

Of course they're undermining the authority of parents.

Parents are the primary means of transmitting the faith. Satan hates faith. Ergo, Satan hates parents.

The unwitting 9because they don't believe in him) servants of the Antichrist want parents out of the picture, to make it easier to entice the young with one of the most powerful instincts we have--sex.

Because in the end--which seems to be closing fast!--those who die outside of faith in christ will be lost, and Satan hates them and wants them to suffer along with him.

sig94 said...

The way some parents behave...
It is really a shame the way that the American family has been weakened. What was formerly unthinkable is now commonplace.

Subvet said...

Rick, thanks.

IR, even here in Texas parents are discovering they have to fight for the sake of their kids. It's all over and if something doesn't change, pretty soon it will be ALL OVER!

sig94, too true.

MightyMom said...

yes, it will affect an already established pregnancy.........with terribly birth defects!! THAT'S why the MD doesn't let women take BC pills if they might be's on the list of questions when you go for that first prenatal visit..."were you on BCs at the time you got preg?" OH, and THIS med is equivalent to taking a megadose/overdose of BC pills. It dumps a ton of estrogen in the system.

Please also note that no one's mentioned all the side effects of it. Before my kid comes to me puking with an intractable headache (amongst other things) I'd like to know what "medicine" she's taking......

haven't you learned by now NOT to get me started ??

matthew archbold said...

the judge criticized the "arbitrary" nature of the limit being 18 year olds. So he then made it 17 yrs. old. How is that age any less arbitrary?

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