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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Obama: Dancing to Moloch's tune...

Washington D.C., Mar 10, 2009 / 07:15 pm (CNA).- After receiving a letter from several abortion “rights” organizations, President Obama has created a position to address women’s concerns around the globe. On Friday the White House announced that he would nominate Melanne Verveer, an abortion supporter, to fill the new position of Ambassador-at-Large for Global Women’s Issues. (Notice how many proaborts are in his administration? Know of any prolife people?)

The January 23 letter, signed by the ACLU, the Center for Reproductive Rights, Feminist Majority, the International Planned Parenthood Federation and several others, praised Obama for repealing the Mexico City Policy. (Yeah, tell me again how this guy isn't beholden to the worshippers of Moloch. Not a damned one of them is interested in making abortion rare and wasn't that the promise he held out to the dupes who voted for him? So who is he REALLY listenting to?)

The letter also requested that he work to “ensure that officials from your Administration act as a strong voice for women’s sexual and reproductive health and rights in the United Nations and other international arenas and do all in their power to translate international agreements into actions that improve women’s lives.” (Read: "Hey Barry, start promoting abortion!)

On Friday, a statement from the White House announced the creation of the new position and lauded the President’s “unprecedented” decision which reflects the elevated importance of global women’s issues to the President and his entire Administration.” (This doublespeak is enough to make you sick. Does anyone ever think of the female fetus about to be aborted? I'd think they would have some "issues" that need addressing. Maybe thats what this is all about, the unborn get "addressed" in the same manner as the Jews were a part of Hitler's "Final Solution". It sure turned out to be final for six million of them.)

The statement also noted that the Ambassador-at-Large for Women’s Issues, Melanne Verveer is the co-founder, chair and co-CEO of Vital Voices Global Partnership, an international organization that invests in emerging female leaders. Prior to founding Vital Voices, Verveer served as Assistant to the President and Chief of Staff to the First Lady in the Clinton Administration and was chief assistant to then First Lady Hillary Clinton in her international activities. (Here's another holdover from the Clinton era. Whatever happened to the idea of "Change we can believe in"? )

Additionally, Verveer took the lead in establishing the President’s Interagency Council on Women, which serves as a model for governments to address issues of concern to women. spoke with Marie Smith, director of the Parliamentary Network for Critical Issues who noted that combined with the President’s order to rescind the Mexico City Policy, the latest appointment “adds to the evidence that both President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton are pursuing a global abortion agenda" making “no attempt at common ground." (Is anyone shocked at this?)

She also added that Obama's new nominee will promote abortion at a time when women need assistance such as economic support and education.

"It is tragic that the United States will pursue a path of imposing an extremist view of abortion that 60% of the world's countries reject, while at the same time, women globally are in need of life-affirming measures to improve their and their families' lives,” Smith said.

I really don't know why, but I've a notion we'll be paying for all this murder in the womb. Not in the financial sense either, the payment is going to be a lot more gruesome than that. God help us all.

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Most Rev. Gregori said...

B.O. is working overtime to build altars to Moloch, and you can bet that when God gets through with America, we won't know what hit us.

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