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Friday, March 13, 2009

New predictions from Nostradamus

Found this over at The Opinionated Catholic, he got it from Breitbart

Recently geocached and unearthed in a shoebox at Vasquez Rocks; these newly found quatrains of the great Nostradamus are presented here for the very first time: (I sure as hell believe it.)

Quatrain IIVX
The woman of the dome of the Pelosis. Bring forth and give her the highest flying bird with the golden seats. Let the low dogs and workers pay in gold for her comforts and cheese. Into the heavens trans back and forth the great continent to visit in kind the land of foggy coastal insanity.

Quatrain IIXX
Hissler begat in time his possessions of the power, whence passed to a new day into the combed hair of Mathewes, of the fruity peacock. Without the thought and with great interruption of the righteous, then corruption of the tongue, he hath shivers in lower extremities.

Quatrain IIVXI
Walk among the Reids to hear the war is lost. He shouteth from the dome of the Pelosises. The partisan cry of fearful wierdo impatience. Hiding thereafter in silence from the powerful surging wonders. All the great Generals exclaim: What a maroon.

Quatrain IXV
The communities of man shall be organized incorrectly by the one who was not even new. Promised false, the earmarks of damage will be ignored for the sacrifice of all. All to be poor as the poorest of his desires. He hides in the Island of Kings, and frolic in its waters. Yea he doth smoketh. En-How.

Quatrain IXVV
The new king will surround himself with non good ones. All of the suggested men will fall to the side, and shall bear the shame of incorrect disbursement of tax gold to the overseers. All will be bums.

Quatrain VIXV
Putting the false patches of his mane on display over the chord of the crazy peacock, Shuummer shall beat the drum of silliness with the man called Franke. For all to have the biggest grand dwellings they wisheth with 3 stable spaces. Let us get down in the Hamptons.

Quatrain VIXYZXV
Big Ideas, from the Breit man. A page of smart brothers and sisters shall rise to the top of the ether, then shout to the false tinsel men and women; you’re a bunch of douche-bags.


Article printed from Big Hollywood:

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THIS is depressing!!
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