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Friday, March 20, 2009

More on Obama and the Special Olympics.

Everyone has already heard of the latest incident proving B.O. is lost without a teleprompter. Let's face it, if he'd been prepped for the question he'd never have even mentioned his bowling abilities and the Special Olympics in the same breath.

So sans teleprompter we get the unscripted, off-the-top-of-his-head comments.

Which proves?

This guy has less compassion than a lizard. Compare this to G.W. Bush's genuine tears when meeting with 9/11 families or survivors of a KIA soldier.

What else could we expect from America's most proabortion President? If he doesn't value human life at conception thru birth why would he value it at any other time?

Why would he value it when he thinks we should go to war if going to war is the politically correct thing to do? Why would he value it when it comes to doing something effective about violent crime when doing something truly effective isn't in fashion? Why should he value it when
looking out for the elderly/disabled is unlikely to gain political points?

Remember, this is the guy who doesn't want his daughter "punished with a baby".

Does this guy have any disinterested feelings for his fellow man? What is there in his past history that would show that?

Religious attendance? Yeah, at Rev. Wright's church. Noted.

Care for his family? Would that include his half brother living on less than a hundred dollars a year over in Africa? Or his recently deceased grandmother who he trashmouthed during his campaign, describing her as a typical white woman who feared blacks?

His constituents? Maybe like R.N. Jill Stanek who tried unsuccessfully to have him view videos of partial birth abortions? He wouldn't do it, his mind was made up and didn't need to be confused with the facts.

So, just what the hell do we have sitting in the Oval Office anyway?

Sorry, I'm tired and my mind won't let go of the basic lack of compassion evidenced in a public figure making dumb jokes about the handicapped. I'll admit it's a sore spot with me, my father lost his left leg before meeting my mother, my three youngest kids are all somewhere on the autisim spectrum and my mother's elevator no longer goes to the top floor. There are more "special needs" folks in my life, those are just the ones I'll talk about. I don't think I'm alone in this either, more people than not have problems requiring some empathy.

And this guy shows me less everytime he opens his yap.


Anonymous said...

He's human and he slipped so forgive him. That mistake was nothing to the sins committed by the other presidents. It's wrong yeah, but still it didn't affect everyone.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

Maybe he feels that "special needs' children should have been aborted.

In regards to his "heartwarming" video message to Iran, one reporter on Fox News this morning said that he was happy with the message because, "after all, every one knows that Obama is a very religious man." when I heard that, I almost blew my coffee out my nose.

Joe of St. Thérèse said...

I would say he slipped, but this has happened one too many times...But yet again, what would we expect, all he's been is a community organizer

Cookie..... said...

My question to Josephine and others, if GW or any other prominant Republican had made that statement, would you be so willing to "pooh Pooh" it off as a mistake? I'm not a GW fan, I'm just sick of folks making excuses for this guy and his tax/spend crazed entourage of PC idiots that don't mean what they say, or say what they mean.

VSO said...

The special olympics crack is the least of my worries. Comics use it all the time. What worries me is the other stuff Subvet and Cookie... brought up.

Like Fr. Gregori said, if Obama's religious then I'm the King of Ireland.

sig94 said...

So much of what is transpiring in the media is a smokescreen. What will really screw us in the long run is going on quietly behind the scenes without all the accompanying roar and bullshit.

The Federal Reserve just dumped an additional trillion dollars into the economy. This has just devalued the dollar and increased inflationary pressure.

In the past week look at what has transpired: airline pilots were disarmed; ICE agents no longer are allowed to go after businesses that employ illegals; a limp wrist bend over and grab your ankles peace overture was presented to the primary supporter of terrorism in the world; spontaneous protests are erupting all over the country in response to the socialist, immoral and unconstitutional infringements on our liberties and the media reports nothing.

It's pucker time.

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