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Monday, February 02, 2009

That chick with the eight kids.

I'm sure someone is already citing that dingbat as an example of what being prolife is all about.


Being prolife DOES NOT include the acceptance of invitro fertilization. Quite the contrary, IVF only further cheapens life by making children a commodity to be bought. If anything, this woman is an example of just how IVF can be abused. This doesn't even address the tendency of IVF children to be laden with birth defects, the selective aborting of an excess number of children in the womb that is often felt to be necessary, etc.

And don't tell me she didn't go into this without any thought of the publicity/fame she'd garner. I'm just too cynical to buy into that one.


Most Rev. Gregori said...

Stupidity once again rears it's ugly head, and you can be sure that the taxpayers will have to support those kids in way or another.

Like you, I believe she planned about how she could manipulate the media to make mass amounts of money also, and I'll bet most of it won't be spent on the kids either.

Adrienne said...

IVF is against the teachings of the church..

ABNPOPPA said...

Suvet, you are sooo skeptical! I am sure this bright, intelligent, energetic young woman never in her mind,(if she has one) gave a moments thought of FAME AND FORTUNE. Once again this is why 2nd cousins shouldn't marry.


sig94 said...

Let's take bets on how many of these kids will eventually end up in foster homes, juvie detention facilities and prison. The IVF doctor should have used Super Glue on that wench's knees.

Lisa said...

Yeah, the whole thing with that lady is just kinda weird... It's a pity that the lib-media will lump real pro-life folks in with her ~ or her in with us. Eek. We don't want her.

Subvet said...

Rev. Gregori, yeah you can count on John Q. Public to foot the bill in the end.

Adrienne, for very good reasons. This illustrates one of them.

ABNPOPPA, she is supposedly working on her masters degree. But intelligence doesn't automatically imply character.

Sig94, good idea. I know several other candidates for that method of birth control. And I doubt the Vatican would object!

Lisa, yep. Thats what happens when the true meaning of being prolife is ignored.

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