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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Texas prolife legislation SB208

SB208-Relating to the regulation of the use of human cells and tissue, including a ban on human cloning; providing penalties. The bill can be read by going here; Currently this bill is before the Health & Human Services Commission.

IMHO this bill has a serious flaw that can be found under Sec.176.151 (a) This portion of the bill statesthat "A person may donate an embryo created in the course of fertility treatment for the purpose of assisted reproduction, as defined by Section 160.102, Family Code, to be used in scientific research or to be used by an intended mother for the purpose of conceiving a child." (emphasis mine).

I urge all Texans reading this blog to contact the commission and urge the amending of this bill to delete the emphasized portion. The commission members are;

The listed senators can be contacted via the links provided.


Anonymous said...

Great blog, I really enjoyed it, esp the music..

Subvet said...

Thanks! said...

The Bill is Shapleigh's latest attempt to re-define "cloning" in order to encourage human cloning for the creation of embryonic humans in order to destroy and experiment on them or harvest research and even commercial material from them.

In fact, any embryo created by "nuclear transplantation" using a human cell nucleus is a human clone.

Here's my blog posts on last month's news articles on successful human cloning and unsuccessful cloning using the emptied oocytes from animals:
and a review of the research actual article,

For a history on this bill, only slightly reworded this year, go on back to 2005, 2007 (see SB 413, 80th Leg)

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THIS is depressing!!
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