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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Off the radar?

I deliberately looked at the Drudge Report and Breitbart for anything regarding the fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan tonight. Maybe my timing was off but I couldn't find a single thing. Not. One. Story.

This comes after reading our local fishwrap the past couple of weeks and seeing few if any stories in there regarding the war in these nations.

I wonder how the military feels, putting their lives on the line and getting the cold shoulder like that? How do their families take it?

What will the eventual outcome of this be? And there will be some unforseen consequences, look at how the vets returning from Viet Nam felt after the treatment they received. I'm not talking about the urban legends that have thousands of former servicemen from that time addicted to drugs, living on the streets, turning to crime, etc. That was all crap IMHO. But when you talk to anyone who served then, even those who never went overseas, it isn't uncommon to hear of hardened attitudes generated by the ingratitude of a highly vocal minority and their MSM sycophants.

At least during that time period some attention was paid to the troops, even if it was highly negative. This deafening silence would be much worse I'd think. The military is at war and America is at the mall, phooey!

So what will the seeds of neglect now sown reap for this nation in later years? Nothing good I think.


VSO said...

I just looked Sbuvet and there wasn't a thing, but lots on the Pope rehabilitating Bp. Williamson, who's being called "ultra-conservative" and "holocaust denier" and people attacking the Pope.

ABNPOPPA said...


What's the deal on this re-instated Bishop that doesn't believe in the Holocaust. I have a few friends that would have something to say about that.....

Anonymous said...

I think I can answer that. He has not been reinstated (or even instated) as a bishop, but has been allowed to be a Catholic again, thus confirming that the Pope views the Church as a hospital for sinners, not a museum for saints.

ABNPOPPA said...

Interesting, You mean you can't be a Catholic without the Pope's permission?

Subvet said...

Pops, Anonymous answered the question badly. I see that now. For a better explanation of what actually happened regarding that bishop see the post following this one.

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