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Friday, January 16, 2009

Gays in the military

"Don't ask, don't tell" should never have happened.

I've written on this some time ago, now it looks like B.O. is going to repeal it. Big mistake, let it die a quiet death.

By publicly repealing it the green light will apparently be given for openly homosexual applicants to the military. In our lawsuit crazed culture you can bet there'll be some activists just drooling at the thought of bringing the military to court for infringing on someone's "right" to serve.

Being what it is, the military will bend over backwards to appear impartial and in conformance with our society's laws. So a Liberace clone could swish into the local recruiting office with a feathered boa on his shoulders, sign up and no one would blink.

Once our gay blade gets into the service you can bet his mere presence is going to offend a lot of otherwise dedicated soldiers/sailors/marines/airmen.

Here's a little secret about the armed forces; they don't want ANYONE who can't function as an anonymous member of the team. Period. It's why Rambo is a purely fictitious character, he'd never make it for any real length of time in any one of our armed services. Speaking as a former senior enlisted man I can say no amount of talent makes up for some asshole wanting to hog the limelight. The system is designed to weed out prima donnas of any sort and a good thing too. When the platoon is ordered to storm uphill against a machine gun it doesn't help ANYONE to have "Rambo" pipe up with his point of view and alternate plan. Anyone who has read "The Caine Mutiny" knows exactly the point I'm making. Want the center stage? Go join the circus and be a clown. The military thrives on the compliance and conformance of it's members in ALL areas.

Gays have been in the military before "don't ask, don't tell". If they would fit in and do their damned job just like anyone else no one really gave a rip who they wanted to sleep with. Being a member of the team was a hell of a lot more important.

So when "Swishy" gets posted to a command and the higher ups that want to save their careers no matter what insist on accomodating him, that roar you hear will be the vacuum left by a lot of career minded personnel hitting the highway. Not so much about who he might come on to, but about having to deal with a flamboyant nonconforming twit that causes a lot of dissension with his attitude.

Our military will become more of a workfare program than anything else, we'll be like the Dutch.
And that isn't a compliment.


Cookie..... said...

Hmmm "the Military will bend over backwards". Perhaps a differant choice of words are in order "Subvet", considering the nature and content of yur post... ;-)

VSO said...

My thoughts exactly Subvet! You used alot more double and triple entredres than you think. This will only hurt the military because it will be riddled with lawsuits by all these rectum rangers who just want to make a mockery of the military, and most of them hate America and everything for which it stands.

Anonymous said...

Your observations are accurate, but there is another aspect not mentioned.

The gay population is growing despite the fact that 98% of gays are not naturally born gay -- they are introduced and seduced into it by a power structure of influential individuals. This happened to my wife's cousin in ordere to obtain acting jobs.

Today the power structure infests not only Hollywood, but it has spread to boardrooms of corporate America and the halls of federal government, including, I suspect, the U.S. Supreme Court.

When did the U.S. lesbian explosion occur? It happened after Congress told women their rights were being trampled by traditional men. Many marriages disolved and who could blame the new lesbos for simply believing their government?

Since women outnumbered men and the lesbian movement became a powerful voting block, they united with males gays for more power. That is really when the number of gays grew. Since then, it became legal for them to adopt and raise children.

Guess what sexual orientation their kids will have. Thanks to new "laws of the land" gays that were once less than 2% of the population and kept that way by laws of natural propagation are now growing geometrically like a hetero population. Not only did God not intend this, he warned against it.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

Anonymous is correct. Sorry to say, so many of our sons and grandsons are being feminized by their single parent mothers and by a majority of school teachers.

Obamassiah's whole intention for repealing "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" IS so that Gays CAN serve openly in the military. Can you say "Good-bye America?"

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