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Thursday, December 04, 2008

When she sits around the house, she sits around the house...

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ALLENTOWN, Pa. - A woman is suing a Pennsylvania sports bar and restaurant, saying she got stuck inside a toilet bowl for 20 minutes after the seat broke.

Kathleen Hewko of New Jersey says she was in the bathroom at Starters Pub near Allentown when the handicapped toilet seat she was sitting on cracked and dumped her into the bowl.

Hewko says in her lawsuit filed in federal court in November that she had hip surgery prior to the Nov. 19, 2006, incident and was re- injured when the seat broke.

The lawsuit names Starters and Kohler Co., the company that made the toilet seat.

Representatives from both companies said they couldn't comment.

Five gets you ten she has an ass thats at least three axe handles wide.


MightyMom said...

nope, sorry babe, if her butt was big then she wouldn't have fallen IN the bowl and gotten stuck. it's the skinny little old ladies who fall IN the bowl and can't pull themselves out.

yes, I have experience....and yes, it would totally mess up her artificial hip.

but the person she needs to sue is the fat assed woman who left the stall right before her and broke the seat in the first place. I have experience with THAT too!!

Cookie..... said...

Yupper, I agree with MightyMom, but as an old cop, I gotta say her ass was probably only 2"nightsticks" wide, thus allowing her to become good and stuck...

What a mental picture that article brings ups...funny but...YUUUUCK!

Always On Watch said...


I've fallen in a few times, but have never gotten stuck. Thank God!

VSO said...


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THIS is depressing!!
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