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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bits & pieces of an unhinged mind

THE SOMALI PIRATES: So they're running rampant with no one to stop them. This is where being overly concerned for opinions of other nations will lead. If any of the navies in that area were under the command of a national leader with balls you can bet there'd be an invasion PDQ to shut down the presently corrupt government and mop up the floor with the warlords responsible. Nobody wants to do anything "hasty" though. Wonder how long it will be before some innocent crewman of a victim ship loses his life? Gotta admit though, the pirates have learned their lesson from previous ship takeovers i.e., "nothing succeeds like success".

THE LOWERING PRICE OF OIL: Tell me why this is a bad thing for America in either the short or long run. During the past month the Subvet household has seen the effect of decreasing prices, hey, we get to buy more stuff!! More toys of all sorts for all ages! As for the long term effect what does it do besides put countries like Venuzela and Iran in a bind? It'll possibly cause other nations with Islamists bent on jihad to tell their belligerent idiots, "Sit down & STFU! We don't have the cash to tolerate you morons!!" This is a bad thing? Our economy will survive, theirs might not. No tears from this blog on that last.

PROLIFE LEFTIST CATHOLICS WITH PROABORT GROUPS: That particular story is here. Will those of us who take the firm, black vs. white view of babykilling find ourselves increasingly marginalized, especially in our own Church? We may soon see Rome make a definitive judgment call on this one. Maybe we'll wind up with a Roman Catholic Church and an American Catholic Church, can you say "schism"? I'll stick with whoever is led by the guy living in Italy.

BAILING OUT THE AUTO INDUSTRY: When do they stop using OUR money to keep failing businesses on life support? It's really ironic, if it was a human being (can you say "Terri Schiavo"?) all the socialist assholes would be screaming to pull the plug. Since it's an industry the same nitwits are trying to take it over and keep it going, no matter how unprofitable the result.

OUR NEW PRESIDENT-ELECT: Fr. Phillip said it best, "Obama: Jimmy Carter's second term." It might not have originated with him but his blog is where I found it.

CHRISTMAS MUSIC: They've started playing it already, a pharmacy tech at the local Brookshires was complaining to me about it when I went to pick up some meds. My own hearing is half shot (it used to be considered an occupational hazard for auxiliarymen before the Navy got hardnosed about hearing protection) so unless I've got my hearing aids in, I won't hear this crap. And they tell me it's a handicap! Why?


MightyMom said...

so does that mean I can turn my Christmas music on now??

since you can't hear it anyway??

Nereus said...

I agree with you on the Oil prices and Auto bailout.
The price of gas this summer had to be the result of a cabal of serious money speculators. The problem is that the clown's in charge of regulating and overseeing these matters are well rewarded in campaign contributions, dinners, trips and other "non Monetary" bribes to turn a blind eye. So what if the average working class family has to start to choose food and medical quality of life to fill the tank to get to work.

The Auto industry in America has dug it's own grave, It is a business, therefore they need to innovate and produce a quality item that people can afford to by. They refused to change and now are standing with their hat in hand waiting for a piece of the great giveaway of taxpayer money that Congress is shoveling out the door with no interest, no payback plan, not a rule or regulation in sight.

I think that we taxpayers should loan them (the auto industry) and the banks the money at the same rates and terms they will loan the average joe (12-25% due to risk, if they miss a payment by even a day jack the juice up, allow random taxpayers to call the CEO and board members of each institution at home during dinner and evenings to harass them with offers that will cost more or threat's due to late payments)

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