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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

This would be what I'm talking about....

....when I say I expect things to start getting really ugly in the near future. Yep, it's just one isolated case but expect more in the near future. This is also a good example why I'll keep my family away from any prolife activities I'm involved in.

Nebraska City, NE ( -- A pro-abortion Nebraska man upset that pro-life advocates were lining the streets of this eastern city drove his vehicle on the sidewalk and nearly came in contact with participants. The pro-life people were participating the in the annual Life Chain, silently holding pro-life signs opposing abortion.

Rex Peterson, 25, faces charges of terroristic threats after attacking the pro-life advocates with his vehicle.

Officials say Peterson drove his vehicle on the sidewalk, forcing three women to scurry away from where they were standing to avoid injury. According to court records police filed, Peterson hit the accelerator to jump the curb and continued for a half a block -- nearly hitting nine people total before slamming his brakes. (Nine people in half a block? From my own experience at these things the Life Chain must have been well attended.)

The Nebraska City News Press indicates Peterson told police he had been drinking and did not intend to drive on the sidewalk, but witnesses say he and friends in his vehicle drove by the LifeChain 20 minute earlier honking and shouting obscenities. (Hey, I've driven on sidewalks when plastered but I didn't go any half a block, maybe ten yards at the most.)

Deputy Otoe County Attorney Tim Noerrlinger told the newspaper the passengers continued yelling at the pro-life people even after the vehicle jumped on the sidewalk.(Evidently they were so incensed with anger they saw no need to grab the steering wheel or tell El Stupido to stop. Birds of a feather...)

After witnesses provided the description of the vehicle and its license plate number, police arrested Peterson at a rural residence.

Fr. Michael McCabe told the paper he and other pro-life advocates expected the profanity from abortion advocates but were worried about the vehicular attack.

“I was a little bit concerned with the overboard vulgarity , honking and screaming when they first came by,” he said. “Then when they came back and went on the sidewalk, I realized this was a serious, serious thing going on.” (Newsflash padre, it's always had the potential to be this serious. Now the chickens are coming home to roost. Warn your congregation next time to keep their wives & kids home. It'll get worse.)

The Life Chain includes pro-life signs such as, "Abortion Kills Children," "Abortion Hurts Women," and "Adoption, the Loving Option." Yep, I can see why someone would get pissed about inflammatory signs like that (sarcasm off). Things like this REALLY convince me of the existence of Satan.

If we get a President Obama one of the first things on his todo list will be signing the Freedom Of Choice Act into law. Thats been covered extensively both here and on other blogs. From there the split between prolife & proabort widens precipitately into a chasm that'll make the Grand Canyon look as shallow as the crack in a babies butt. Since the proaborts control the MSM we can expect nothing but negative publicity towards prolifers. Expect the violence to escalate with the tacit consent of those in authority. From there we'll find ourselves forced to stay mum about the true nature of legalized infanticide or risk legal retribution (I think this is already underway in Canada, their hate crime laws are being utilized to keep the clergy there docile.)

With the institution of the Fairness Doctorine we can expect the silencing of talk radio and the blogosphere. This will facilitate the measures already mentioned. A mindset of "the ends justify the means" will quell any qualms of conscience that might still exist in the hearts of the secularly anointed. Our schools will teach abortion as an accepted means of birth control, abstinence will be held in even greater derision than it presently is (if thats possible) and no religious beliefs on the part of doctors, nurses or administrative staff will prevent any hospital capable of performing abortion from doing so.

Expect little if any help from the Catholic Church in general. Those who support Obama for his "social justice" positions will feel increasingly vindicated in their views. That includes many members of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB). Many of those Roman collar-wearing members of the Judas Iscariot Fan Club (hat tip to the Catholic Caveman and Ignorant Redneck for that one) will push the currently discredited "seamless garment" theory to answer any skepticism from the pews. Bishop Chaput and his ilk will be awarded pariah status for their adherence to Church teaching. All objections from Rome will be filtered and explained to us lowly pew inhabitants with the proper nuance and interpretation.

This sounds like a hell of a lot to happen in just four years. It won't. IMHO we'll see a Moloch-like juggernaut unleashed in that time that will taint our culture and it's thought processes for decades to come, if we're lucky it'll be for that short a time span. After four years of Obama and a Democratic controlled Congress, the GOP will be ready to sell it's soul for votes to get back in power, that includes toning down their antiabortion stance in the party platform. Prolifers will be increasingly marginalized until we're about as effective as the Amish towards any political action against our culture of death.

God help us all.

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ignorant redneck said...

Abortion is the new slavery--an issue so devisive that it will be resolved in civil violence.

This will be especially true if a pro-choice fanatic like Obama wins the electoral vote, but not the popular vote. Or, if a Pro-Life Advocate wins the same way, and manages to get roe v. Wade overturned.

I don't know wether to stock up on bandages, bullets, rosaries or beer--but somethings go go bad!

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