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Friday, October 17, 2008

Get an abortion and earn a discount.

Found at Deacon For Life. IMHO this is just plain sick. It isn't like a Ronald McDonald house for the families of sick kids. This is a discount offered to anyone having an abortion, an ELECTIVE procedure that just incidentally results in the death of a baby. It's the epitome of greed. Moloch would be so proud.

CHERRY HILL, NJ, October 17 /Christian Newswire/ -- An abortion clinic that performs abortions up to the sixth month of pregnancy has worked out an arrangement with two area hotels to provide substantially discounted room rates for women seeking abortions.

Based on reports from local citizens participating in the 40 Days for Life prayer vigil outside the Cherry Hill Women's Center, New Jersey Right to Life has confirmed that the Clarion Hotel in Cherry Hill offers a reduced rate of $59 for a room originally priced at $109 to those women who provide a receipt from the clinic that says they have to stay overnight. In addition, the Quality Inn in Maple Shade offers a discounted rate of $74.95 for a room originally priced at $99.99 and a free breakfast of eggs and pancakes for women who present a stamped pamphlet from the clinic.

Good Counsel Homes, a Catholic agency that assists homeless pregnant women, recently cancelled its banquet at the Clarion upon learning of the hotel's arrangement with the abortion clinic.

Marie Tasy, Executive Director of New Jersey Right to Life said, "This experience shows us that the Legislature needs to act immediately to place a parental notification constitutional amendment on the ballot without delay." Many of the girls going to Cherry Hill Women's Center are minors from both New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Often minor girls become pregnant from adult men who prey on the inexperience of teenage girls. "The Cherry Hill Women's Center has a track record of aggressive advertisement in the Pennsylvania market to intentionally lure pregnant minor girls to the NJ abortion clinic in order to evade Pennsylvania's parental consent laws," said Tasy, who also urged Congress to pass a pending bill prohibiting such interstate abortion schemes.

"We now learn that area hotels may actually be complicit in circumventing a neighboring state's law, usurping parental rights, and consequently aiding and abetting the sexual predators of minors by offering these discounts." The State of NJ needs to take immediate action to stop these abuses from occurring by enacting legislation to place a parental notification constitutional amendment on the ballot as soon as possible. All legislators who oppose these measures should be held accountable by the parents of the minor girls who have endured harm at the hands of the unregulated and unscrupulous abortion industry. With each passing day, more young lives are being placed at risk," said Tasy.

Cherry Hill Women's Center performs many methods of abortion which result in the violent killing of innocent unborn babies. One of the methods, used at 20 or more weeks, is injection of the dangerous drug digoxin directly into the baby's heart to kill the baby. If digoxin is accidentally injected into the bloodstream of a woman or young girl, it can cause infection and death. Local pro-lifers who have spoken to women exiting the clinic report that many women and minor girls are alone, crying and in extreme pain, but are nonetheless discharged from the clinic after the digoxin injection. They are instructed to return the next day so the abortionist can deliver the dead baby. The clinic refers these women to the area hotels which provide discounted rates.

In 2007, two NJ abortion clinics were shut down for infection control violations and filthy conditions. Metropolitan Medical Center in Englewood, NJ was temporarily shut down for a month after a five year inspection lapse by the NJ Department of Health. Alternatives Abortion Clinic in Atlantic City permanently closed its doors after a six year inspection which uncovered multiple infection control and health violations. NJ Public Advocate Ronald Chen refused New Jersey Right to Life's request to protect women in NJ from the no-show health inspections.

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