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Monday, August 11, 2008

Why I don't worry about the economy

Evidently this is a real life couple, mother and daughter, who were featured on NPR. I recall reading that the poor all over the world wish they could live like the poor in America.
My heart just pumps purple panther piss for them, how about yours?
Found at Strange Cosmos.


MightyMom said...

"oh yes...wees po' roun' here!! we's been knowin POVERTY roun' here!!"

it's a direct quote as seen on the news shortly after katrina. The fact that the woman saying this was morbidly obese and had beautifully braided false hair and perfectly polished false nails (with jewel adornments) was not lost on me or my family.

VSO said...

Yeah my heart bleeds for them. They look like they haven't eaten in months! *sarcasm off*

ABNPOPPA said...


You spent too long under water. Don't you recognize a couple of good corn fed Ohio girls!! Bet you don't grow 'em that big in Texas!!

ABNPOPPA said...


What you make of this Soviet Union/Georgia affair? Sounds a lot like Czechoslovakia in 1968 to me.

Subvet said...

Vir, the "all you can eat" buffets tremble at the mention of their names.

abnpoppa, "good corn fed Ohio girls"? They'd better stay away from the ocean, Greenpeace will trying rolling them back into it!

As for the Russia/Georgia dustup, it DOES sound a lot like Czechoslovakia all over. I might be wrong but we left them high and dry back then too, didn't we?

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THIS is depressing!!
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