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Friday, August 22, 2008

Semper Fi or CYA?

Story here.

Whatever it is, it will aid the growing divide between the military folks in this country and their civilian counterparts.

FWIW, during my time in the canoe club it was fairly common to hear the old "sailors and dogs, keep off the grass" urban legend. For those not familiar with it, this is a tale about a park in (pick your favorite town near a naval base) where a sign with that wording was posted. I never saw such a sign myself and have serious doubts about it's actual existence.

However the sentiments embodied by it were VERY evident in a few places I had the luck (?) to be stationed. And if you want a bunch of squids from diverse commands such as subs, destroyers, frigates, etc. to find common cause with one another, just have some "townie" start harassing a sailor for being in the Navy. Amazing how everyone suddenly bands together.

I feel the same thing is happening now with our military. Too many stories like the one linked to here, too much realization of the truth that while America is at the mall her military is at war.

IMHO if the estrangement between the civilian and military communities continues to grow it won't be too long before we'll have a real problem on our hands. I have no idea how it would manifest itself, we're not a society that lends itself easily to military cabals, juntas, etc. But there will be nothing good to come of this.

Just the opinion of a retired turd chaser.


reddog said...

It's true not many youngsters from this area have joined up for the Middle East. I have met several Active reserve guys that are whiling away the time between active rotations as surf bums and working part time in the local tourist industry. These guys aren't having any problems with the locals and certainly not with the local girls, which is the main interest on their part.

The trials you link to seem to be a military on military thing. Most of them are found not guilty. I think it's a shame, if they are going to run military personnel through the meat grinder like this, they aren't running some officers through, especially some field grade ones.

Subvet said...

IMHO there HAVE been a few higher heads that have rolled, for example both Gen. Sanchez and the female general (her name escapes me, I think it was Polish.) in charge of the military prisons got tarred by the Abu Gharib brush.

The reason you won't see more is that they can convincingly deny any knowledge of wrongdoing. I won't opine one way or the other about the truth of it, Monday morning quarterbacking on things like that doesn't suit me.

But I DO believe there are more than a few ticket punching, chairwarming pencil pushers who would love to advance their careers at the expense of the boots on the ground. THOSE are the assholes who should be sought out, charged and suitably punished.

Just my opinion.

Nereus said...

The gap between those who are in uniform and doing the job of protecting the country and the one's here wallowing in the cultural cesspool and acting like sheep is as wide as the grand canyon.
Most folks in our nation are have turned into "chasing the latest fad, fashion and gossip" drones..

I support your opinion on the chair warming pencil pushers. The Military Made it easier starting in the 90's to let these soul suckers advance and exist when they started to adopt corporate modeling to try and save a few bucks. This has allowed for bus drivers who justify their existence by meetings, power point and getting to the next higher rank.


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