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Monday, August 18, 2008

Or they could move to a sailor town.....

Seems an Aussie mayor is getting in trouble for speaking the truth.

Let's face it, guys are dogs and when there's a shortage of chicks we'll pick up anything remotely female that will look our way. I do mean ANYTHING!! Been there, done that, got the tee shirt. Coyote ugly must be some kinda bad, I've still got both my arms.

And beauty is relative to the amount of time spent away from feminine company. Ask any sailor. As an example, all those stories about lovely hula girls out in Hawaii came about because some ships made landfall after too long a period at sea. IMHO Hawaiian women rate as some of the most pig butt ugly females in the world. They've got faces like frogs and their asses are three axe handles wide. Not all of them mind you, just the majority. Hey what does it tell you about the size of their asses when you find out this is where the mumu was invented? Guess there was a shortage of circus bigtops going on.

Anyway, I'd say this guy was dead on the money and any homely chicks that want a man are probably packing their bags right now to move there.

Personal note: After making some of these comments I admit to loving the anonymity afforded by the Internet, dealing with the War Department after she reads this will be bad enough!


ABNPOPPA said...

Oh R, U, N, Trouble! Run is what you need to do!!!

Harry said...

It's getting so you can't say anything these days in Australia. Wasn't a pastor in trouble a while back for offending the religion of perpetual outrage? As for the Hawaiian women, you've destroyed one of my old fantasies. I no longer wish to visit. Of course, if I ever did go, I'd be with my wife anyway.

Pen of Jen said...


Let's see if I can say some things about women, as I have been one all my life.
First things first...if it was about a lookie contest for my fair sex...we would never find a mate, as all those that are so awesomely handsome play for the other team.

Second- we gals are a dumb lot. Guys, as you have proven will *do* when the lonely men come ashore...send in the sheep...(feel free to hum send in the clowns!!) Why women tolerate being called but ugly by men cracks me up...Donald Trump? Hugh Hefner? Al Gore?

Third...wide loads usually caused by providing ego building name sakes for who?? Bueller? Bueller? Nope but dear old dad!

Fourth...fantasies by men and women are separated by the Lucky charms guy...guys need luck in the bar to pick up the hottie(translation if you get her your not the first- or you did not get her so you chug another to place the beer goggles firmly on) whereas the gal is going for the pot...and that there loot in it. Provide for her and she will accept all the ugliness...and fata@# comments about her weight.

So is there a middle ground? Nope this will never be resolved. Men will get the muumuu wearing gals all the while the women will get the 9-5(barquolounger!)

btw - I am just having a fata@s harm no foul???okey dokey???

MightyMom said...

You Better Get Your Fat Ass Over Here Now Mister!!

Cookie..... said...

PETE! Emergency Surface Mate! Blow Safety! Blow Negative! Get the hell out of there ASAP Sailor, cause I got a feelin yur in real deep shit with MightyMom after that piece.... :-(

VSO said...

So true Chief. Been there myself, and ashamed of it.

ignorant redneck said...

Hey Cheif! (BTW--someday I'll tell you what "cheif" means in doggie: you'll be upset!)

It ain't just a sailor thing! After a carreer in Army towns, with a Male available female Ratio of roughly 360.152,875.4 to one--G.I.s got a reputation about who they'll hook up with or marry that's...not enviable.

As for the Mighty Mom--Seen the snap shots, she should know you got off the boat and found somebody nice!

Yeah! that's the ticket--point out you hadn't been at sea for a long time before you met!

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