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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Slavery & Islam.

Slavery still lives, in Africa and other areas of the world.

As I recall it was a man named Wilberforce (sp?) who spearheaded the antislavery movement resulting in the death of it in Western countries. He was a Christian.

Quite a few slaves were freed after their masters coverted to Christianity, the letters of Paul in the New Testament stress the equality before God of both slave and master. That might have had something to do with it. Never hear of anything corresponding to that in Muslim countries.

According to some of the writings of Thomas Sowell, slaves taken from Africa were more likely to live better under European masters than Muslims.

Tell me again how Islam is a religion of peace and how it leads to personal improvement, maybe the slaves mentioned in the linked article would like to hear it also.

And why the hell do we have anything to do with these people, other than to fuel our oil addiction? An addiction we could satisfy via drilling on our own soil and going nuclear whenever we can.


matthew archbold said...

So many people just don't understand that the foundational idea of western civilization's freedom is at bottom a Christian ideal.
You know, my younger brother just got through college and he started talking to me about the "sins" of America.
We aren't perfect but this is what they're learning. He learned all about slavery but without any context whatsoever. Nowhere did his professors explain to him that slavery existed in every culture and that it was western civilization that first stopped it because of its Christian roots.
I explained to my brother that Africans had African slaves and this was a totally foreign concept to him.
The truth is that slavery still exists in many forms and right now the only thing that can still stop it is an adherence to Christianity.

Great post.

Subvet said...

Thanks for the kudos, I've also run into those who believe slavery was solely the invention of white Europeans.

A former friend of mine had been a member of the Nation of Islam. To hear him tell it, they blame everything on white folks in general and America in particular. He always had a hard time swallowing that which is why he became a FORMER member of NOI!

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THIS is depressing!!
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