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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Michael Savage is an idiot.

Here's one of several reasons why he's a disgrace to the politically conservative community.

The liberals have Al Franken and Rosie O'Donnell, the conservatives have Savage and Ann Coulter.

Sometimes if I close my eyes and just listen, they start sounding the same.

And that doesn't say much for our intelligence, does it?

UPDATE: Now that I've cooled down a bit I'll admit to having a dog in this fight. My oldest son has some autistic-like behaviors. We DON'T know exactly what he has, it might even be a very mild form of autism, if so then we count ourselves lucky. He's unusual but very much a gift from God.

And everytime we go out in public and he starts acting out, a part of me just waits for some shithead to make the wrong comment to the War Department. I can still jack somebody into the nearest wall when I get pissed enough.

And Savage is still an idiot!


LJP said...

I tell ya, Savage is not making any of you conservatives look good. I think he's helping Republicans lose the election if anything. (Maybe that's a good thing...)

Subvet said...

Thanks ljp, we love you too.

VSO said...

Well ljp, I'll say this: when conservatives say something like that, the world takes notice and rightfully condemns it. When any liberal says something stupid, nobody cares because it's expected of them.

But yeah, you'll never see or hear me defend him or Coulter again.

matthew archbold said...

Savage is a boob. nuff said. He's been talking for so long that he thinks anything that goes through his mind must be right. I can't listen to him at all.
Admittedly, I still get a chuckle out of Ann Coulter.

MightyMom said...

OK, well I (obviously if you know us) have the same dog in the fight, but I will say this. These behaviors can be either enhanced or diminshed depending on the parents' reaction to them. Which is why my son spent the better part of Mass yesterday getting thumped on the head by Mean Old Mommy. (yes, literally thumped on the head...go ahead, call CPS, I dare ya.)

I do, however, frequently wish I had the guts to go ahead and put a sign on his back that says "Hi, I'm Sonshine, I"m 4 years old and I have a mild form of autism, please be patient with me."

And I say the same to Savage that I said awhile back to Glenn Bartley (remember that??) I pray that you never have children or grandchildren with special needs as you may find yourself eating those very eloquent words.

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