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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Hey, the Civil War is over and YOU LOST!!!

Here's the story.

Normally I'd consider anyone who pissed off the NAACP to be alright. Not this time.

I've heard the Civil War being about "states rights" and other such bullshit until I'm sick of it. Really, come on. Let's be upfront and admit the whole damned thing revolved around slavery. If that wasn't the case then someone explain to me why membership in the Confederacy could only be held by those states that supported slavery. Thats a stone cold fact, check on it if you don't believe me.

It was all about slavery. Period. The matter was decided and trying to hold on to some mythical crap regarding the reasons for the Confederacy is just mental masturbation. So take down the Stars & Bars, get on with life and join the rest of the country.

Hey Confederacy supporters, you lost. The South ain't gonna rise again. What you believe was the South prior to 1861 never existed except in the minds of the deluded. Your silly assed flag is an insult to the memories of countless slaves, so stop sobbing about how it's a way to honor your ancestors. They might not have owned slaves but they were okay with it. THAT is what your flag symbolizes to too many of us and speaking strictly for myself it bores me to tears to hear your defense of it. If the Stars & Stripes don't suit you then move on, you won't be missed.


matthew archbold said...

the arguments for and against slavery remind me so much of the arguments for and against abortion. So I'm with you.
It's like those who try to say the argument is just about "privacy."
Nope! It's about recognizing humanity in others.

Subvet said...

Amen to that.

ignorant redneck said...


I might debate you on your ideas concerning the cause of the Civil War. That's OK--history is one of the arts, not the sciences.

But I have come around to your way of thinking about the Battle Flag: The war is long over, the south lost. The confederate armies laid down their arms. Display of the Battle Flag is inappropriate.

Did you know, that the famous rebel yell is now an unknown sound? The veterans of the Civil War refused to demonstrate it after Lee surrendered.

Oh--I can't think of very many human insitutions more dispicable than slavery.

Subvet said...

Ignorant Redneck, I'll admit you're right on history being an art. Too bad so many treat it as undisputable science.

Didn't know that about the rebel yell.

And I wonder if the attitudes of Confederate flag supporters would even exist had Reconstruction not been as harsh as it was? IMHO that was the genesis of many negative stereotypes concerning the South and the corresponding reactions by those living in it.

Apologies to the black portion of our nation for slavery is so much in fashion, maybe some apologies to the former Confederate states for their treatment following the Civil War are in order also.

MightyMom said...

why is it that you never hear of folks demanding that Maryland take down the Stars and Bars? (yes, they fly it there, proudly) You only hear people from the Carolinas downward demanding it be done away with.

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