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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Another day at the slaughterhouse.

Yesterday I joined members of my parish in a prayer vigil outside a Dallas abortion clinic. Second time in two weeks and I don't know when I'll get to do it again, the War Department will be going back on nights all too soon.

Anyway, while we were there one of our sidewalk counselors goofed and stepped onto the clinic's property so he could speak to a woman in an SUV. They talked for a while, someone at the clinic obviously complained because the next thing we knew, three squad cars pulled up and we were counseled about the limits of our First Amendment rights.

The squad cars didn't come up all at once, maybe it was over the course of about 20-30 minutes. The sargeant who came in the last unit was a jerk, maybe he was having a bad day. It happens. Maybe he was frustrated from having to kowtow to the babykillers, who knows?

But the little light went on for me several hours later i.e., three cars for a group of a dozen people with the average age of 50? Isn't that a bit of overkill?

I figure whoever called probably shot themselves in the foot. Since some of their potential customers are riding the fence right up to the point of signing away the baby's life, I doubt the sight of three cop cars sitting in the drive was conducive to business. Maybe it helped change a few minds, who knows?

But I'm interested in what others might have to say on this subject. Doesn't this sound like a bit of overkill? Could they have sent three units, the last one with a supervisor, just to placate some bitching employee of the slaughterhouse or is this SOP?



Cookie..... said...

Depends on how the call came in Subvet. If the caller exagerated the circumstances (probably so) it would have warranted a Supervisor and 2 units. Having been a Sergeant, I didn't like being called to a BS situation when I had 2 tons of paper work to get done before shift's end, although, I usually took it out on the cop that called me to the scene when it really wasn't warrented, like this appears to be the case.

You desperado criminal type... ;-)

Subvet said...

Yep, that's me, Public Enemy #1 with bifocals, arthritis and lousy hearing!

ABNPOPPA said...

Cookie is right up to a point. Having be a Patrolman on a couple of these calls the situation lights up pretty quick sometimes. Sounds like pretty normal though. A couple drive bys and stop and chat. Also might just have an anti-abortion Sgt. who wants to get in a subtle dig.

Usually patrol cars in your driveway, AREN'T good for business.

Keep up the good work Subvet. If only one mind is changed it is worth it.

G-d Bless you.

Subvet said...

ABNPOPPA, "Usually patrol cars in your driveway, AREN'T good for business"

Yeah, I had my doubts also. Who knows, maybe the cops did that deliberately because they didn't like being called out for this. There was an empty lot right across the street where they could have parked, would have been a whole lot less obvious.

Anonymous said...

Save the whales and the baby seals, and the spotted back long necked kangaroo gecko, but slaughter the babies. With built in jackboot thugs in cop uniforms.

Used to be cops looked the other way with laws they knew weren't right, unless they had no choice. That's one of the hidden checks against tyranny.

Subvet said...

Sonarman, I wouldn't be too hard on the cops. They're often in the position of following orders they know are stupid & repugnant (I'm sure you can identify). As I said in the original post, that sargeant might have just had a bad day.

And how important is a lack of civility by a civil servant? In this case not too much, give it two weeks and most of us at the prayer vigil will have forgotten what he looks like. I'm sure he won't be able to remember too much about us also.

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