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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Bad vibes, maybe it's too much coffee

From the truly sublime to the truly ridiculous, the battle lines are being drawn.

I linked to that particular article because there has to be some levity in all this, the UN taking such care to airlift rubbers into a disaster area qualifies. Stupid is as stupid does. If I was a survivor over there the last thing on my mind right now would be any attempt to get laid. Food and shelter just might be a higher priority.

The main point I'll try to make here is that there seems to be an overall hardening of attitudes on the part of the anti life crowd.

Am I the only one or does the hostility level as expressed by these fools seem to be increasing?

It's something I feel whenever I read of the need to insure teens don't get pregnant while they "inevitably" engage in sexual activity. The sense of hostility in letters to the local paper that decry abstinence education. The straight faced solemnity that goes with attacking any suggestion of practicing modesty, chastity and the like. As if the prolife crowd are a bunch of sadists out to reinstitute the Inquisition.

I'm having difficulty right now in putting it into words. Maybe someone can give a hand here.

But overall there's a sense of lines being drawn, of an imminent battle that will turn quite nasty before it's all over.

It's bad enough that this past year when the Life Chain was held across the country I told the War Department to stay home with the kids. Didn't want my family exposed to possible danger. In previous years I'd have been proud to have my wife and rugrats out there.

Nothing happened so maybe I'm getting paranoid in my old age. Very possible.

But sometimes I find myself wondering if we're getting set to fight for our collective soul.

Anybody else ever feel this way or am I the only nutcase?


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ignorant redneck said...

NO--I feel it too. I think we are preparing for the last battle.

I don't know what to stock up on--guns, ammo andfield gear, or scapulars, candles and rosaries.

I am actually afraid for the future.

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