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Friday, April 11, 2008

Thumbnail sketch of modern day life.

Found this over at Thoughts of a Regular Guy.

A Christian law firm will appeal a ruling by the New Mexico Human Rights Commission fining a photographer who refused to take photos of a homosexual commitment ceremony.Elaine Huguenin and her husband Jon, who co-own Elane Photography in Albuquerque, New Mexico, are both Christians. So when a lesbian couple asked them to photograph their "commitment ceremony" in Taos, the Huguenins politely refused.In response, Vanessa Willock filed a complaint with the New Mexico Human Rights Commission claiming the Huguenins discriminated against her because of her "sexual orientation." On Wednesday, the Commission found the Christian couple guilty of discrimination under state anti-discrimination laws and ordered them to pay more than $6,000 in costs.

Jordan Lorence with the Alliance Defense Fund (ADF) represented the Huguenins. He contends the lawsuit reflects an attitude among homosexual activists. "This decision is a stunning disregard for religious liberty and First Amendment freedoms of people of faith, of Christians, and those who believe in traditional marriage defined as one man and one woman," says the attorney. "This shows the very disconcerting, authoritarian face of the homosexual activists, who are using these non-discrimination laws as weapons against Christians in the business world and Christians in their churches."

Lorence believes the Huguenins will win an appeal of the decision. But he warns this is how similar laws in 19 other states, and the proposed federal Employment Non-Discrimination Act, can be misused to silence biblical beliefs.

"There is a great threat to our religious liberties and our ability to speak out in favor of traditional marriage when these non-discrimination laws are interpreted in such a harsh way to censor Christians and others," he asserts. Lorence said Americans do not surrender their freedoms of speech or religion just because they choose to open a business. He added that the Commission's decision is tantamount to the State of New Mexico forcing a vegetarian videographer to create a commercial for a butcher shop.

I used to be ambivalent on the subject of homosexuality, I knew several gay men who never tried foisting their "lifestyle" on anyone and were really pleasant people to deal with. So I had no problem with it, it didn't impact my life and what someone else does in their bedroom is their business, not mine.

But in the last ten years or so it seems more of the gay community are becoming arrogant and aggressively demanding of not only respect but of a wholesale endorsement of homosexuality.

More and more it seems battle lines are being drawn, not just on the subject of gay marriage but abortion, euthanasia, etc. Anything that runs counter to traditional values is under attack and those who should be quick to rise to defend them sit on their hands, simper about "tolerance" and other crap. To quote Yeats, "...The best lack all conviction, While the worst are full of passionate intensity...."

I don't believe in end time theology or a coming Armageddon, but it seems the shit has hit the fan and the relatively peaceful times we knew are fast becoming just a memory. God help the children of today.


VSO said...

Yeah, and a couple of bum buggerers took issue. But as usual it's, "If you're against our sick perversions, you're a bigot etc etc".

Exile said...

So, you ask somebody to do a job, they decline to take it, and then it's OK to sue them for not taking the job because you're gay, white, black, chinese, Jewish, amish... anything which they aren't, but you are.
You get 6,000 dollars.

I see. Interesting.

I'm moving to the states.

Humble wife said...

Exiles comment hilarious!

Living here in NM I have followed the story...and you know what? Everyone was appalled that this photographer did not take the pictures.

Come on. I am with you Subvet...I am not saying that we are living in the End Times per say, but the times that our children are entering are vile indeed.


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THIS is depressing!!
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