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Friday, April 18, 2008

The pope comes out for illegal aliens (yawn)

So the Pope is calling for more compassion for immigrants, both legal and illegal, to this country? And a fair number of people have their panties twisted up their ass about this?

Get over it.

First, I'm all for putting up a fence on BOTH the northern and southern borders. Let's not do things halfway either. Mine the perimeters on both sides, when Juan or Jose get blown to bits it's a case of, "too bad, so sad".

Second, let's nail to the wall all employers who KNOWINGLY hire illegals. Wrist slaps aren't worth a damn.

Deport the bastards to whatever country they entered the States in. Let them be the problem of Mexico or Canada. Too bad if they're not native to those nations either.

Now that I've established my bona fides regarding illegal aliens, let's get back to the Pope.

He's the Vicar of Christ on Earth. He's not an American, not a Mexican, I doubt if he would even identify himself as an Austrian these days and if he did someone should correct him on that. He's beyond national preferences.

His concern is the welfare of God's children on Earth. Not just the legal ones, not just the noncriminals. Not just the Catholics either. He has to look at mankind in general with the eyes required by his position.

So screaming that he's acting against the best interests of this country means zilch. He doesn't CARE about the best interests of this or any other country. Nor should he. Religious leaders, especially THIS one, live and judge others by different standards than you or I. If they didn't they wouldn't be worthy of the position they occupy.

And Catholics are bound to take his words and follow them to the best of their ability and according to the best interpetation they can give them. That doesn't automatically mean we'll march lockstep to the various legislatures and demand open borders.

It should mean we examine our motives in whatever we do and try to bring them into conformance with what we feel is God's desire for us all.

And in that we might find ourselves in seeming disagreement with the Pope. Another "too bad, so sad" moment.

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