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Friday, April 25, 2008

The CDC and being clueless on abstinence.

Reading this makes me wonder what idiot is running the asylum at the CDC?

It has really gotten bizarre out there, especially if you're a bit long in the tooth (Mighty Mom, you don't need to comment on that one).

For those who were born after the "sexual revolution" got underway I've got some startling news.

1) At one time teens weren't expected to have sex. As a matter of fact if you were a teenage boy and "got lucky" you were considered really unique. Unfortunately the girls who helped boys get lucky were known as sluts or worse. Bottom line, most of us stayed virgins until we were WELL out of high school and for some reason never suffered because of it. You could be popular, respected and a success without having rolled in the hay on a regular basis.

2) Even adults didn't routinely have sex outside of marriage. Those that did were considered reprobates and lechers. Extra maritial affairs were rare and almost NEVER spoken of (one reason being you didn't want your ass kicked by the husband who was made a cuckold). "Desperate Housewives" wouldn't have existed except as an X-rated 18 millimeter short.

3) People knew there were more important things in life than getting well laid. They even stayed married if it was discovered they were incompatible.

The list could go on and on.

And let me say that I really bought into the sexual revolution, okay. But having been there and done that I can honestly opine it wasn't all that great. There are only so many ways to do it and after a while you really come to value a good night's sleep over spending it slapping bellies.

So here we are on the other side of the century mark, our kids think whoring is just another "career choice" while their parents send the number of cheating spouses through the roof (which really makes for a great home enviornment), every form of sexual perversion is viewed as "a choice" and the rate of STD transmission is skyrocketing. Meanwhile, back at our tax funded CDC, they've figured out taking a shower together is abstinence. Bizarro Universe, we are here!!

Pardon me for being a middle-aged prude but we really need to relearn how to keep it in our pants. And organizations like the CDC don't help when they put out trash such as is discussed in the linked article. You would expect it of Planned Parenthood (can't have an abortion without sex and abortions is where they really excel). For anyone wanting to say PP has also done a lot of good, yeah right. And Mussolini made the trains run on time, Hitler gave us the idea for the interstates, blah, blah, blah. Got it.

I'd rather have my daughter live in a world where her brains are checked out more thoroughly than her boobs. Call it a quirk of mine, but it's there.


Glenn B said...

We probably disagree somewhat to a lot on this one. Maybe - maybe not.

"There are only so many ways to do it and after a while you really come to value a good night's sleep over spending it slapping bellies."

I have not had a really good night's sleep in over a year, but I can tell you, slapping bellies, or other parts, would sure help to let me have one. I am not promiscuous by a long shot, am married now so cannot be and choose not to be, but I had fun sowing wild oats in my time when single.

I never got to do it in all the possible positions, never even knew of the Karma Sutra back then, but wish I had. To many ways to do it and not enough lucky nights I guess. I find nothing wrong with sex if practiced safely, and with respect for your partner. Sure there is a chance of STDs and it is greater with multiple partners, but I am not saying you should do it with someone new every night or week or month, just that I do not agree with abstinence being the only way to avoid unwanted pregnancies or STDs. Yes it is just about an infallible way (I say just about because of rape, incest, or divine intervention).

I see nothing wrong with premarital sex at all, as long as between consenting adults, or consenting people of legal age to give consent (if that is below 18).
As for the stuff about the sexual revolution, that only came about because of some sort of puritanical (for want of a better descriptive word) revolution. Sex was free and fairly easy in the early days of even religions like Christianity. It was, in my understanding, the least of offenses as seen by Jesus and then only really addressed if adultery to any great degree. Books like the Karma Sutra show that the so called sexual revolution was a fallacy. Sex has been enjoyed throughout all the eons of hunanity's being, and there is no reason to stop now as I see it.

Of course, I am not saying a girl or a boy, man or woman, should be out playing the field every night. I think they should have some sort of feeling for each other than hormones in most instances before sexual relations are started (although pure unmitigated wanton lust is okay now and then if consensual). No need to become a pass around pack though.

Of course the CDC should be giving all possible alternatives as to how to avoid STDs and Planned Parenthood the same about unwanted pregnancies. That includes abstinence, but also includes all the other ways.

All the best,
Glenn B

Subvet said...

Your argument shows you to be a stable, rational, middle-aged man who doesn't let his hormones run his life.

My post was concerned primarily with the younger, more emotional members of society who take everything (including sex) to extremes. It's for them that morals are primarily in place, by the time you get on in years (as we both have) a person will be able to use the big head more than the little and not lead a train wreck of a life. Maybe it's just been my bad luck but I've found too many human train wrecks who bought into the idea of free love/sex only to find that nothing comes free.

As for the CDC, I can agree with the idea of abstinence being just one of the methods endorsed by them. But when their definition of abstinence includes taking showers with members of the opposite sex (as was mentioned in the article I linked to) I have to wonder just what they're smoking down there. If that's an example of abstinence I'm Elvis!

Thanks for the response.

ignorant redneck said...


I'm a refugee from the sexual revolution as well. I can tell you from first hand experience that when one can lo longer remember who all one has sinned with, that it is a very impovrishing thing.

In the end, I paid a very high price interms of my spiritual life, and my peace of mind. Looking bakc, I see now why rampant sexuality is a sin, why pre and extra marital sex is wrong. It's not arbitrary, it's because it's very bad for you!

This is a 100% post!

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