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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Some things just never change (sigh).

Saw this over on another blog I frequently go to;

So immediately below the pic the snarky comments start to fly. I'd guess in a perfect world hot women are only seen with hunky men and the plain janes of both sexes stick with one another. Got it. Kind of like "knowing your place".

But thinking back to all the "hot" babes who wouldn't give me the time of day 25-30 years ago and how they found out what an enemy time can be I'll make the assumption we should go for more than looks when we pair up. In a few short years the truth of beauty being only skin deep but ugly going to the bone becomes apparent, especially when that skin starts sagging. Maybe that's what Kucinich and his wife actually did. Maybe they actually fell in love. Imagine that!

I also know taking potshots at a politician's wife is nothing new. Check out the history of Andrew Jackson and how he blamed John Quincy Adams for hastening the death of his wife due to a scandal involving her marriage to Jackson. Cheap shots are always going to be used, they're so readily available, ho hum.

I'm no Kucinich supporter, I think he's a walking example of what's wrong with liberals. Look up the word "moonbat" and chances are his face will be staring back at you. But some things should be off limits for no other reason than their affront to common decency.

Okay, maybe it's a sore point with me. After all, I'm a fat 55 year old man married to a 32 year old "hottie". God rest his soul, tomorrow my wife's church will be burying a man whose first act on her joining was to put a run on her. Comes with the territory, I trust her implicitly and I knew right from the getgo the snide remarks and occasional gaffes about our age difference would be a part of life. Ya deal with it or get out of the game. Period.

But some days it gets REALLY old REALLY fast, even if I'm not directly involved.

Thanks for listening.

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