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Friday, January 11, 2008

A catch and release program for murderers?

The story is here.

First, when you lie down with the dogs you'll get up with fleas. This woman should have had zip to do with this barfbag. IMHO there are too many misguided souls who feel "called" to try helping some inmate turn their life around. Believe me, it happens with men vis-a-vis women inmates too (no, I never did anything like this. Give me SOME credit for brains!). We've all got a natural bent towards evil, go with that idea instead of the Father Flannagan thinking of, "There's no such thing as a bad boy" and your days may be long and happy in this life. This chick had hers cut short because of getting involved with a predator.

This misguided crap is encouraged by the damnedest people to a ridiculous degree. I recall going into the foyer of a local Catholic Church a few years back and picking up some of their prolife literature. Some of it was concerned with insuring death row inmates received Christmas cards (I'm serious!). The common theme was that with the holidays coming up, these poor souls might be forgotten. No mention of their victim's families being thought of.

I. Wanted. To. Hurl.

Wanna bet this chick got roped in via something equally naive?

I'm all for following Christ's admonition to remember the prisoners but lets keep them at arms length. And don't lose sight of the fact they weren't put behind bars for jaywalking.

Second, this makes a great case for the death penalty. According to many intelligent people we now have the means to defend society from predators by locking them away for life. Too true, as long as it happens. Reading this article makes me think this idiot should have never seen the light of day after his initial conviction. Seems society isn't quite ready to defend it's innocent members yet. Fry this bastard, you can bill me for some of the power used!

Finally, although no guns were used by the murderer it sure would have been nice if the victim had one. Being a chick, she probably stood zero chance against this guy on her own (her current boyfriend wasn't much help). As a popular bumper sticker has it, "God made all men. Smith & Wesson made them equal."

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