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Friday, December 07, 2007

Thinking about the coming storm.......

I'm always glad to see Friday roll around because my work load goes from light to almost nonexistent. I've been busy lately, mostly babysitting a vendor as they perform work in the building's hvac ducts. Sitting on my ass, watching others work. Tough job and I get to do it.

All that sitting leads to some (minimal) thinking. Lately it's been running through my head that with the followers of the pedophile prophet we're seeing a showdown of Western values/freedoms and a variation of Orwell's 1984. One of his characters in that novel stated the future of humanity would be a face being stomped by a jackbooted foot, again and again throughout time. This current totalitarian belief system would have that foot encased in a sandal. Not a big difference.

One of the latest examples of this oppressive "religion" comes out of the UK where a 32 year old woman has spent years hiding from her family after converting to Christianity. The UK isn't some third world toilet, it's not all that different from our own country. Yet this crap is allowed to go on. You can bet the local feminazis who would have fainting fits if a white Christian male told a misogynistic joke in their presence are positively mute on this case. In the interests of "diversity" and "understanding that all value systems are relative" they'll just STFU. Likewise the majority of the liberal establishment over on the other side of the pond.

Who would belive that in the 21st century a woman in Great Britain would have to hide from her family for fear of her life? And that the authorities ARE NOT aggressively tracking down this family in order to forestall a front page tragedy! They just give her a phone number to call. RIGHT!! Like that'll help in the wee hours of the morning when something goes bump in the nest room. Get a gun honey, you're better to be judged by twelve than carried by six.

This sort of thing didn't happen overnight. Let's face it, our creeping tide of politcal correctness and sympathy for all who cry "I'm a victim"! has led to this. The claims that would have been deemed outrageous even a short time ago are now routinely swallowed without even a blink of an eye. I recently read that the way to cook a frog isn't to drop him into boiling water, the little sucker'll jump right out of the pot! The way to do it is to start with lukewarm water and slowly raise the temperature on him. By the time he realizes he's due to become an appetizer it's too late, he's just this side of parboiled.

Same thing with the creeping tide of Islamofacism. We're not being plunged into the boiling water of sharia law and dhimmitude right off the bat, it's slowly being imposed upon us in the guise of "understanding" and realizing "the true worth all value systems are inherently relative to their believers". This didn't start with the Islamists but it sure does work to their advantage, the tough lifting has already been done for them.

I referenced the chick in Great Britain because they're so much like us even though over here we still have a sense of outrage about such things. We've yet to reach the point of parboiled thinking. But we're on our way, as demonstrated in this story. It deals with some dipso suing the authorities for making her remove her headscarf after being arrested. You'll note that the ACLU has enthusiastically joined the fray, the same people who want all Nativity scenes taken down from public squares are crying "foul" on the cops here.

And for anyone who just MIGHT wonder why she would have to remove her scarf (most folk who come here have common sense but there's always the chance of a driveby dingbat, ya know....), I recall my shore patrol indoctrination when I pulled a night of it in Puerto Rico. The Chief who briefed us warned about taking females into custody, that while we weren't to frisk them the darlings were known to keep a razor dangling between their boobs under their clothes. According to him, he wouldn't officially endorse body searches but he definetly didn't want to be doing paperwork for one of his officers getting sliced.

Anyway, my point is that the cops would have to be dumber than dirt to let this one get into the lockup without checking under her scarf first. Anyone with two brain cells working in series can figure that one out. Yet in our present day enviornment this chick will take her case to court, the judge will solemnly consider it and render a verdict which she may appeal, taking it as far as the ACLU and CAIR are willing to finance her.

And what's the reaction of John Q. Public? Chances are he'll read of things like this, shake his head in annoyance and forget it. If the chick wins or not isn't the point. By successfully forcing the authorities to justify their actions you can bet the next time a follower of the pedophile prophet gets booked they'll remember all the grief they suffered and wonder if maybe, just maybe, they should let it slide because, "we all know how those muslims will react". And so a double standard comes into existence and we're on the road to dhimmitude.

To counter this apathetic mindset would take an opposing attitude that will say, "Yes, the added aggravation IS worth it. Everyone SHOULD be treated the same and this double standard will NOT be tolerated." Your average John Q. Public would need to have this belief grounded in ........what?

IMHO it comes from a readiness to defend a corresponding set of beliefs. Ones that start with "...all men are created equal, endowed by their CREATOR ......" Notice the religious based thinking? These beliefs might not have to be directly religious in nature, as the ones held by muslims are. But it seems that would be the best bet, as it's religious conviction that historically enables people to press on with their battles. Currently our Western culture is in what some have called a "post-Christian" phase, meaning the necessity of Christianity has passed and won't be back.

I'd disagree with that one as over the ages religous fervor has waxed and waned during various times. A revival of religious orientation in the lives of most citizens might just happen. Religion offers help and succor when we're troubled, I recall going to Mass immediately after 9/11/2000. The priest at the chapel stood surveying the SRO crowd and commented on how he hadn't seen a turnout like that before. We were all there going for the strength and comfort we needed.

So in fighting the creeping tide of Islamification I think we'll see a greater emphasis placed on religion in the daily lives of all. I hope so because I personally DON'T think keeping in mind the secular ideals we currently see espoused as "anything goes, you're okay and I'm okay" will give us the backbone to complain when the temperature of the water starts gradually climbing. Face it, no one likes to be thought of as an asshole. It's why appeals to "reason" are so successful. But when we stand on principle it becomes easier to take the labels we're given. So it's time to find out what we believe in and act upon it. If we continue without any firm convictions we'll go along to get along until it's too damned late.

Just my opinion.

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