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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Just another day.....

We knew there was a mouse in our home when the cats started hanging out at the stove, intently staring at the gap between it and the counter. The stinking animals are good for something after all!

After the War Department (WD) actually spied the little sucker I got some glue traps. Set them out and figured the mouse would get caught at the worst possible time (Murphy's Law, it never fails).

Today while I'm sleeping the WD hears a commotion in the kitchen. Sure enough, "Mickey" is caught (good news). Our male cat pounced on him AND the trap and is trying to shake it loose from his face (bad news).

The WD runs over, rips the trap along with fur and whiskers off the cat's face, grabs him and runs back to our bedroom to get him out of the way. He gets dumped on the floor and the door shuts. Not being TOO stupid our feline friend jumps onto the bed and starts headbutting yours truly to get me to let him out. Since I have no idea of just WTH is going on as I awake I get up and let "Bootsie" out the door in time for him to beat the WD back to the kitchen.

While cat and wife are racing each other back to the glue trapped mouse our two boys, aged 4 and 2.5, are standing there rooting for the cat AND the mouse (not realizing one wants the other for dinner). The WD succeeds in grabbing "Bootsie" again and tosses him firmly into another bedroom. Maybe that was the thump I heard against the wall as I fell back asleep.

Running back in time to prevent our boys from petting the mouse, the WD gets my pliers and grabs the trap to toss it into the garbage can outside. Our sons wave bye-bye as "Mickey" exits the house.

So, how was your day?


ignorant redneck said...

Not nearly so exiting! But I got a nice hug from the Queen of the House!

Heather K said...

Well our mouse story this week wasn't nearly as exciting as yours!! Ours too was captured alive (unfortunately!) and it wasn't stuck down. It was caught by the back leg in the it spent I don't know how long trying to drag itself back under the dishwasher and make a lovely little mess of mmmmm... nasty stuff on the floor. The dang thing kept getting up onto the counter every night and pooping all over and evading the traps! we moved a trap in front of the dw and caught it right away. but Little Miss heard me wake up Daddy to come get rid of the squeaking bundle of nastiness and jumped out of bed to see it. Of course she followed him to bathroom and watched the mouse do the 'swirly' in the toilet. oh my...I spent the next hour explaining the nastiness of mice in the house....

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