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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

2nd Amendment related question.

I've occasionally mentioned my desire to get a .45 caliber pistol sometime soon. Recently while she was at the range the War Deparment priced a Colt for me, (that was my preferred brand).

The price quoted was over a thousand dollars.


I'd love to get it, quality costs a bit more and is always worth it but that is DEFINETLY out of my range (no pun intended)!

So, to those believers in the 2nd Amendment who occasionally drop by; what's a good (inexpensive) alternative? I'd like something with a bit of heft to it, I take an XL sized glove and the WD's .38 Police Special feels like a pea shooter.

For whatever experience is worth, I earned a marksman ribbon while in the Canoe Club (any idiot with some spare time can do that!) and haven't really done any serious shooting in years. Just looking to get into it since I've gone from being 6'3" of twisted steel and sex appeal to 6'3" of rusted steel and old oatmeal. Can't growl and scare people like I used to, more often than not they fall down laughing these days.

Seriously, I'd appreciate any suggestions. Thanks.


Cookie..... said...

Good read. Ya gotta look at it this way least yur gettin em down on the floor one way or t'other....

Anonymous said...

Try to find an FFL holder without a shop. The price you got sounds like a retail store price. Some dealers without stores can give you a deal for about half. You could also check for a good used one on GunsAmerica website.

Anonymous said...

You might also try a Ruger. They are kind of a poor boys alternative and are decent quality, made in America and have good service.

ignorant redneck said...

this is gonna sound wierd, but it works in more ways than one.

By a traditions incorperated "remington old army" cap and ball revolver in .44. From your description, it should fir your hand well, and you should be able to handle the large frame. It comes in two styles, brass frame and steel frame. Get the steel frame.

Because there are aftermarket rplacment cylender for the steel frame that take .44 magnum cartriges.

This gives you a potent side arm, and has an iteresting benifit: The base gun isn't registered, because it's ablack pewder design, and the cylender isn't registered, because it's not a gun

Beisdes, for the range, it's a lot cheeper to feed the cap and ball.

BTW--even in the cap and ball system--it hits harder than hell.

Also: goto Reminds me of the good old days

bothenook said...

if you are looking for a great, inexpensive 45 auto, then check out the springfield armory line. they have a pretty good selection, and they aren't all 1500 bucks (like my TRP). there are a lot of amazing guns for around the $500 range, just look at something away from the colt line.
and if you are looking for a wheel gun, the s&w line has some serious firepower in the 44 special and 45 colt/45 acp lines that won't break the bank.
hell, ruger and taurus have some tasty pistols in both semi and wheel. and they aren't over the grand mark by a long shot. taurus makes a superb product for the price.
it used to be if you bought a 45acp and it wasn't a competition model, you had to pay out the nose customizing it. with modern tooling, most companies are making "relatively" inexpensive out of the box guns that rival customs of just a few years ago.
seriously, give the taurus 45's a look. i'll probably be adding one to my safe in the very near future myself.

MightyMom said...

well the springfield 45 was 650. the colt was 995.

Now I was "told" that the springfield wasn't as accurate or reliable as the colt. was that personal preference/salesmanship/fertilizer?

bothenook said...

well, you can take a look at the picture here of a 25 yard off hand group from my springfield. i am NOT a marksman

Subvet said...

Thanks to all for your comments.

And Bo, your point is proven!

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