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Friday, October 19, 2007

Soldier in need, please help if you can.

Received from Cookie at The Cook Shack

Prayers in Need, Wounded Soldier struck with family tragedy
A Soldier's Angel Alert:
ALERT this is a tear jerker you may need a Kleenex

We have a Specialist 4 John who was stationed at Ft. Bliss, Tx. in El Paso, Tx. and he was deployed to Iraq,injured and send to BAMC in San Antonio,Tx. he was in Med Hold and was going to be released soon back to his duty station and his wife Monalisa was driving up from Ft. Bliss where there three Children 9 year boy named Tyler, 5 year old girl named Ashley and 2 year old son named Logan.
Right outside Ozona, Tx. a truck hit them and from the nearest hospital they were life-flighted to Dallas, Tx. I am very sorry to say that the two year old Logan and the five year old Ashley were killed in the crash. Tyler is in Children's Hospital at Dallas, Tx.
Monalisa is in Parkland hospital next door to Children's Hospital.
Monalisa has a head wound, they thought she has 2 broken vertebrae in her neck or back and a broken arm. Turns out she looks worse than she is. No broken vertebra just some compressed disks and the head wound wasn't as bad as they thought.
She just has a lot of bruises.
John was brought to the hospital in Dallas and he is with the family along with a 1st. Sgt. who is taking on the problems they are facing . This accident occurred Sat. 10/13/2007 and as of right now Tyler is still in a coma no better but no worse.
The funeral arrangement have been made by 1st. Sgt. S. the funeral home took 40% off the cost of both funerals, they will be in Benton. AR. on Tuesday 10/23/2007 the cost of the funerals is $5,769.80.
Soldiers Angels is helping with money while in the hospital and the hotel where the two Grandmothers are staying. The father John and 1 Sgt. S. are staying at the Ronald McDonald House.
Angels can you help with Logan and Ashley's Funeral expenses, someone has already donated the grave sites and any money you can send we would appreciate it and I know the parents will also.
Send me an email and I will send you where to donate at.
Thank You
Bonnie Averett
Soldiers Angels.Org.

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Cookie..... said...

Thanks mate for posting this. This American hero needs some help from us now......

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