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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Return of "Jughead's Bride".

Is it just me or is this fascination with "Princess Di" ridiculous from the get-go?

The woman did some good by using her celebrity in the cause of outlawing land mines, okay. Other than that, what the heck is the big deal with her? She was a cute chick but she's dead, got it? D-E-A-D. Gonezo. Kaput. Long past the status of wormfood.

And during her life her celebrity status came from being married to the jugeared heir to the throne of England. Big frigging deal. In case it's escaped the notice of a lot of people, we had a war with that country a little over two hundred years ago that resulted in our discarding the royal class. Don't need 'em, don't want 'em. You can keep 'em.

I never got this whole "Princess Di" thing. So she got her 15 minutes of fame by screwing Jughead Charlie, so what?

Now they're celebrating the anniversary of her death. I'd be more interested if they brought back "Babylon 5".

Maybe it's just me.


bothenook said...

it's not just you. cripes, it's been wall to wall diana on the tube today. fortunately, i've got a good book i'd rather spend time with.

Glenn B said...

I don't like all the stuff they show again and again about her on the tube or in the news, but she was not famous for being married to the price. She became famous, in her own right, because of the cause that she stood for, and because she went out amoing the people of England and the world to push for those causes, only one of which was a crusade against land mines of certain types. She did a lot of work for children's health causes, a lot of work for AIDS causes, and so on. I think the thing that people admire grreatly about her, was that despite being a royal, she often, in fact regularly, made contact with those who were not while at the same time championing their causes. That said though, I wish they would show some real news on the news!

All the best,
Glenn B

MightyMom said...

Actually, I can support all the same causes she did and no one would give a flip, much less any money. She earned her fame because she married a prince and it was at that time "such a Cinderella story"....She then later used that acquired fame to champion all those causes, with much publicity.

Subvet said...

Bo, thanks for the comments. Nice to know I'm not the only one.

Subvet said...

Glenn, thanks for stopping by. You're right, I stand corrected in saying she only helped the cause of getting landmines banned. She also pushed a lot of other causes by using her celebrity status. Having that status never caused her to lose "the common touch", which you also touched on.

My gripe isn't about Diana, maybe that point got lost. She was a decent, caring woman who saw an opportunity to use her public status for good and she did it. God bless her for that.

My heartburn comes from the genesis of that status, her marriage and life with a member of England's royal family. For this I blame the paparazzi who dogged her every move and gave us too much "news" that wasn't really news.

They literally hounded this woman to death and now keep on with the obscene coverage of her kid's lives. Who would give a fat rat's ass if those kids were the issue of any other woman? The newshounds disgust me with all of this. They did much the same with Jackie Kennedy/Onassis, Marilyn Monroe, etc.

They're bloodsucking ghouls and they're the ones I've really got a beef with. When France started investigating their role in her death I was happy, thought it gave a lot of attention to their obscene ways.

As for Diana, God rest her soul.

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