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Thursday, June 14, 2007

That evil microwave popcorn.

Wonder if microwave popcorn is a tool of the AntiChrist?

I mean so many (supposedly) smart people are flummoxed by their inability to nuke the crap.

I remember something that happened during the brief time I worked at EB shipyard after getting out of the canoe club. For anyone not familiar with it, EB can be divided into two segments. There's the Lower Yard where all the trades are and The Hill where all the white collar types congregate. EB also has it's own fire department.

Anyway, the fire department got so tired of having to answer alarms set off by smoke detectors on The Hill where (you guessed it!) microwave popcorn got burned that they got the Powers That Be to ban all microwave popcorn in the entire yard. Which didn't get any attention by the blue collar, uneducated types in the Lower Yard. We gave them a "Noted" and went back to business as usual when this edict came out.

There was one minor change.

Seems a lot of microwaves in the various shops starting sporting handwritten signs informing the world that "WE'RE SMART ENOUGH DOWN HERE TO NOT BURN POPCORN!!!"


bothenook said...

yeah, well we had a microwave in our office when i was a Nuke Test Engineer that had two dials. one for up to 5 minutes, and the other for up to 60 minutes. i tossed in a burrito, dialed up 3 minutes, and then ran off to answer the phone. as i was hanging up i noticed a greasy burnt smell coming from the corner. i think i nuked the damned thing for 15 minutes. ever see a bean burrito burn from the inside out? ever smell a burned burrito? gag.
of course, i had to put a "smoke tested sat" label on the door with the date and due date.

Subvet said...

Yep, well at least you properly documented it.

I briefly worked in NTO after coming back from being laid off from STO. First words I heard were,"You can just take that chain wrench you're carrying and keep it in your locker. We don't use those things here".

I felt naked without that wrench!

Anonymous said...

I once worked at a wonderful children's hospital in Dallas, in the downstairs lobby, right in front of the elevators they sold popcorn (theater style) in large bags for a quarter, small for a dime. On my floor (3rd) there was a small family dining area with fridge and microwave. We nurses never could understand why at least 2x a week some parent would burn popcorn on the 3rd floor (after paying $1 to the vending machine) when you can get more, yummier, cheaper popcorn faster by riding the elevator to the lobby??? go figure

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