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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Following Islam makes you stupid.

And I really believe that.

Love the story coming out of NJ about the six numbskulls planning to take on Ft. Dix and other military facilities. They were turned in by a video store employee who was supposed to burn their VHS tape onto a DVD (as if he wouldn't view the sucker, brilliant stunt #1). They were also reported by a gun dealer who they tried buying firearms from (uh-huh, and he'd never wonder what they were up to? Brilliant stunt #2). A regular at the range they practiced at claimed they were lousy shots but these fools figured they'd do a quick hit and run, shooting numerous soldiers at Ft. Dix then escaping to continue their jihad at other facilities. Anyone can dream I guess, but I'd want to at least be able to hit a stationary target before deciding to take on armed soldiers inside a military reservation. Maybe I'm strange.

It reminds me of two idiots that were busted in Connecticut back in the 80's for plotting to take over a sub at the state pier in New London. Those geniuses got ten years apiece for their troubles and all they did was yack about it to the FBI agent they tried recruiting in a local gin mill.

Give these dopes a fair trial and hang 'em, it'll improve the gene pool!

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Anonymous said...

uuhhhhh stupid is as stupid does.

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THIS is depressing!!
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