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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Cleaning out dust bunnies in my mental attic.

Lately I've been thinking, WTF is up with Minnesota? Seems every week or so another story comes out of there dealing with followers of the pedophile prophet stirring up trouble. There was the story about the flying imams, the one about the airport cabbies refusing to take fares carrying liquor, the chick at Target refusing to check out any pork products. I might have missed one or two more but still, thats a fair amount of news coming from the land of 10,000 lakes.

Today something clicked. If they're successful in silencing the opposition on any particular item they've succeeded and can move on to others, chipping away one incident at a time until a de facto enviornment of "seperate but equal" exists. An enviornment where they're given a protected status that allows the entry of sharia law into the legislation of a state. It'll never be given that term but if it looks like a pig, smells like a pig and sounds like a pig you can bet it's a pig.

Take the chick at Target. If she cites religion as the reason for not checking out pork products and gets away with it then a precedent has been set. It can be used for other cases. This continues on until we find seperate washrooms for Muslims, seperate dining facilities, seperate entrances to public areas, etc.

And we know that "seperate but equal " never is. It's the whole reason Jim Crow laws were abolished. Someone always gets screwed.

And as for "why Minnesota"? Why not? They've got to start somewhere and you can bet an area dominated by liberals is a lot more attractive than a red state like Texas.

Once this new version of Jim Crow is in existence we can look for it to spread to the rest of the country. Look at how the debate over gay marriage has gone. One of the prime objections to it has been the likelihood that other states will be required to recognize a ceremony performed in Massachusetts for example. So that Tom & Jerry can get "married" move to Texas, have a major falling out and get divorced in the Lone Star State. Wanna bet this won't happen with laws that apply/favor Muslims?

Sharia law, if we don't wake up its coming our way.

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THIS is depressing!!
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