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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Boy, did I ever step in it!

The War Department came home today with our daughter. Prior to that I spoke to my boss and as a result of the conversation changed my mind about taking off the next few days to help out around the house. My job is chronically shorthanded and I was told the boss and another coworker would be working twelve hour shifts to cover me. That is NOT a career enhancing situation for yours truly. Since I've been at this job less than six months and have already taken five days off due to false labor and the real thing, I figured a little CYA was in order. This job is the best I've found in the last nine years, it allows me to singlehandedly support the family without the WD working and lets me see a lot of my kids. IMHO it's worth keeping.

When I told the WD I'd be going in to work tonight the fit hit the shan! She reached through the phone, ripped my head off, crapped down my windpipe and hung up.

It got worse from there.

Because she (erroneously) thought I'd let her fend for herself while I got some sleep she called for support from her stepmother who named me everything but a child of God. SHE called my father-in-law to let him know he'd be cooking his own dinner while she took up my slack, he promptly used every four letter word he could think of to describe me (no surprise, the man can literally burn water). After warming up with him, the stepmother informed the WD's brother about what she thought was going on.

This is a guy who on more than one occasion said he would never pick up a gun, even if his family's safety was in jeporady. Total pacifist. Well he got fired up to the point of wanting to come over and kick my butt. I guess the story grew a bit in the telling.

By this time I'd spoken to the WD. Informed her that I would be there to help her and the baby when she got home. Pointed out sleep was going to be low on my own to-do list the next few days while juggling work and being a new dad (again!). Stressed that in my job there are two sorts of people, the ones you can depend on and the ones who goof off. And I wanted to get back into the first category. It got her calmed down. Still #1 on her shit list but at least I wasn't shot when she came home.

I used to be known to have a talent for pissing people off. Guess I've still got it. Still think I was right but I'll never tell her that.

Love is always having to say you're sorry OVER AND OVER AND OVER!!!



Anonymous said...

Isn't it amazing how our wives think the worst of us right off the bat, and jump to conclusions without at least finding why we make the decision we do, and the consequences we take on ourselves for making them.

Don't feel bad. It happens to me, too. All the time.

Subvet said...

Yeah, whoever said,"It's a mans world" was full of it! Oh well, could be worse.

Cookie..... said...

...and OVER...and OVER...and OVER...and...

Subvet said...

LOL, you got that right Cookie!

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