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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Six things no one knew about me.

Who came up with this stupid idea anyway? Seen it floating around the blogs and figured I was immune. HA!

Thanks Cookie!

Here goes;

1) At the age of 10-11 I figured I'd grow up to be a priest. I was already an altar boy so the mindset was there. Looking back on it I was probably an insufferable little prick after I got that idea. Thankfully, I discovered girls. As they say, the rest is history.

2) I'd had the idea of being "polite" so well drilled into my skull as a kid that when I played football in high school I'd invariably say, "Excuse me" whenever playing defensive tackle and breaking through the line.

3) I had to take dance lessons as part of my freshman year studies in high school. Promptly forgot everything I learned ASAP after that!

4) For a time in high school, shoplifting was my way of earning pocket money. My "friends" thought I had brass balls as I'd pocket an item then walk up to the store manager and strike up a conversation. Gave it up when the same "friends" who sold the items for me were quoted as saying how stupid I really was for doing it in the first place.

5) By the time I got in the Navy I had an almost phobic fear of being homosexual. This was why I'd deliberately pick out the ugliest girl in whatever bar I was in and try to go home with her. Well, at least one of us had a good time!

6) I picked up the habit of spinning quarters on the bar during my drinking days. Just something to do. After my son was born I began playing on the floor with him and spinning his toys. He now has the habit. Because he's developing late we had him screened by various developmental specialists. No problems, he's just late. But during the screening he would start spinning things and we'd be told; "AHA!! It was a prime symptom of autism". After the explanation the experts always backoff that diagnosis. Would you like to guess how aggravating/embarassing it's become? He does it EVERY-FRIGGING-TIME! The War Department is sooo impressed with the legacy of my drinking days I've passed on to our son!

And now his younger brother is doing it. I am so screwed.


Anonymous said...

What dooes she prefer, the autism diagnosis? Perhaps she should be grateful to you that your mindless little habit to wile away the hours has pointed out the incompetence of the suppoooosed experts, and how little they actually know.

And just why do you call her "The War Dept." anyway?

Subvet said...

"The War Dept" came from too many years with like minded individuals. A-gangers have the reputation for being uncouth for a reason. In all truthfulness, my wife is a loving, gentle lady who is more of a "Christian" than any other person I've ever dealt with.

And yeah, we ARE grateful that our son is okay. For quite a while there it wasn't unusual to find Sarah in tears because of the unthinking comments made by family and friends. So that annoyance I speak of is probably because the "AHA" moments that come these days remind us both of "back when".

And I exaggerate a lot when I talk about her being pissed at me. I know that's a shock, a former sailor with a habit of exaggerating, but it does occasionally happen!

Thanks for the comments and good hearing from you again.

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