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Friday, January 12, 2007

What they're teaching.

So, just what DO they teach in those mosques we have in the States? Anything like this?

What was most interesting were the comments made when an all-Muslim audience was present. Wanna bet this is only happening in the UK?

I've said it before; we've got to be proactive, we've got to stay on top of things. Raise our voices on the editorial page of the local fishwrap, get involved at the local city council meetings, etc. These are the arenas where the battle will first be joined over here. IMHO attending the city council meeting and speaking up is a lot more important than laying in ammo and supplies. We won't be taken over violently, but if we don't get off our butts we WILL be taken over!

You can bet your sweet bippy that at the very least the imams and mullahs in our stateside mosques are getting out the vote. That and rallying the troops around whatever they can cry "victimhood" on, be it the "flying imams", the three idiots recently detained in a truck at the Port of Miami, the burqa wearing babe refused a bus ride in Ohio, whatever. Although openly political campaigning is forbidden in churches and synagogues what's to stop it from happening in mosques? Let's face it, any outsider going into one will stick out like a sore thumb. With the passive acquiesence of the congregation do you think the imams and mullahs won't modify their message accordingly when they spy an outsider in the crowd?

So we've got to get on the stick and get involved. An active, informed citizenry is the best defense against this form of nonviolent jihad. A citizenry that shouts "BS" when the whining starts, that openly questions the deference shown the "Religion of Peace" and all the "diversity/sensitivity training" they demand. The days when we could remain blissfully ignorant and silent are at an end. IMHO this is as important as the fighting going on in Iraq and Afghanistan, because if we don't maintain our values and ideals here at home there is absolutely no sense in trying to defend them abroad. The Islamists must be confronted in every arena, our schools, our editorial pages, our town halls, everywhere.

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THIS is depressing!!
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