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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Thoughts on moderate Muslims.

For a change of pace here's a transcript from a reformist Muslim. Refreshing to say the least.

Do I think we should bet the farm on guys like this? Absolutely not. But if there's a chance this "religion" can be reformed from within I'm all for it. Lot less bloodshed, aggravation, etc. Plus less chance I'll lose my pulled pork sandwich!

IMHO the normal shmoe going to the mosque isn't any different than most of us. He wants a better life for his kids and something in the way of security in his old age. Given half a chance he'll go for "live and let live" with his infidel neighbors. Kind of like Southern Baptists do with their Catholic acquaintances. Doesn't mean there'll be a love fest and exchanging Christmas cards. Just an ability to MYOB while the guy next door does the same.

I recall my Uncle Bill from my youth. He was a bit of a bigot. Told his oldest son he could marry anyone he wanted as long as she was white, Irish and Catholic. Guys like my uncle weren't really all that rare then and less rare 50 years prior to that. But nonetheless they got along with everyone. And by getting along we're that much better for it than if my uncle's New York neighborhood turned into Little Northern Ireland.

I guess what I'm getting at (eventually) is guys like him had a choice; grit your teeth and get along or don't. They were normal shmoes who took the commonsense approach.

So I think there's always the possibility of the same happening with Muslims. Bet the farm on it? No way, no how. If it happens set up a date with my daughter for the Muslim neighbor's son? When pigs fly! But I'll keep my options open about eventually getting along.

And my cousin? The one who was told to marry a nice, white, Irish Catholic girl?

He married a Maronite Lebanese. Wonderful lady too, even Uncle Bill (eventually) accepted her.

Go figure.

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THIS is depressing!!
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