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Thursday, January 18, 2007

So, where do you want this gallows set up?

Long read in the link but worth it!

So much for the spirit of scientific inquiry. I thought college educated people, especially scientists, were trained in critical thinking. That would mean being able to entertain dissenting viewpoints and answer them in a reasoned, logical manner. Without the exorcism and burning at the stake.

We're supposed to somberly entertain ideas such as the menace of bovine flatulence but questioning the holy bull of Global Warming is verboten. Terrific. I especially liked the reference to the wingnut who wants "Nuremberg style" trials held for dissenters. We're supposed to listen to him seriously? Noted.

FWIW, I (like so many others) remember other catastrophic events being predicted. Things like; global cooling, lack of edible food by the year 2000, world-wide epidemic of AIDS, swarms of hybrid killer bees, complete defoliation by kudzu, etc, and etc. Still waiting for it all to happen!

There must be an business somewhere. An business entirely devoted to churning out disaster scenarios. I'll bet it's quite a moneymaker too! Wonder how I get to be a shareholder.

The really "Inconvenient Truth" to this particular disaster-in-the-making is that some areas of the world are presently seeing cold weather on a scale not in recorded history. As I'm typing this there's a story on Drudge about snow in Malibu. DUH!

But "true believers" of whatever persuasion never let inconvenient facts get in their way. They just reinstitute the Inquisition, without bringing back it's sound, reasoned objectivity.

Where have you gone Torquemada, a nation sends it's lonely cries to you!

But for those who are eagerly waiting/dreading the coming disaster of Global Warming, here is a link that will tell you what to expect.

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Anonymous said...

I read this article earlier. I guess decertification is the new excommunication.

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