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Thursday, January 18, 2007

One for the good guys.

Nice to see some backbone in play.

What grabbed my attention was this;"Some drivers don't like short fares or don't want passengers with credit cards, airline vouchers or guide dogs, Wareham said. Many Muslims say the Quran condemns dogs as unclean, which has prompted some drivers to refuse to carry passengers with dogs."

I've been turned down for being a short fare by cabbies. I've also been refused service in some places because they didn't take credit cards or didn't take the card I carried. Okay, no problem. But guide dogs? Hey that's pure BS.

Not too long ago there was a stink raised in the local area here about some pharmacists who wouldn't fill prescriptions for the "morning after" pill. Claimed it went against their religious convictions. Almost all the commentary about that was against the pill pushers, i.e., if they didn't want to work at a job like that they could go flip burgers. Or so went the popular opinion. I'd say that line of thinking applies here also.

It's a job centered on customer service. That includes blind folk with guide dogs and tourists carrying booze. Don't like it? Get another job!

I work as a building engineer. My religion is deadset against abortion. If the only job available was at a Planned Parenthood facility I'd send the War Department back to work. End of story. That doesn't mean I've the legal right to stop someone else from doing a mortal sin. If the secular powers that be say it's "okey-dokey" I have to accept that nonbelievers will do it. Period.

As far as the Islamoweenies hacking cabs? Welcome to America chum. Don't like it? Well I'd say "go flip burgers", but you'd be making bacon cheeseburgers at most places. Deal with it.

Thank God the airport authorities are doing what's right. We need more of this in the face of creeping Islamification.

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