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Monday, January 01, 2007

Gates of Vienna: It’s David and Goliath Time in Hazelton

A good post here regarding the ongoing battle against illegal aliens;
Gates of Vienna: It’s David and Goliath Time in Hazelton

IMHO we need to wake up. They're not "undocumented immigrants" any more than hookers are "undocumented sex therapists". They are lawbreakers. They're here illegally. They bankrupt our hospitals by continually draining the resources provided there for the indigent. They are a menace on our highways by their Third World driving habits. They drain our criminal justice system by the high percentage of crimes committed by their members. These are just the ones holding down "legal" jobs.

One memory continues to return to me. The War Department and I had just moved into our home here. I walked over to the local barbershop to get my ears lowered. While waiting I read an old sports magazine (might have been Fish & Game, not sure). This thing was from 98 and detailed the problems the Park Service was having with illegals setting up drug labs in our national parks. This was YEARS before the immigration issue was on the national radar! The article detailed how the rangers took precautions not to come on the labs unexpectedly, lest they get shot at. They were all interviewed under the condition of anonymity, lest their families be harmed. HEY, this was in parks like Yellowstone and Yosemite! And the illegals were in the process of taking them over back in the mid 90's!

Anyone want to bet it's improved over the years?

But I guess they were only doing the jobs Americans won't, like manufacturing crank and growing pot. Right!

How many of the illegals that work in meat packing plants (like Swift) will shift over to making drugs if the opportunity presents itself? Lot more money there to send back to the pig sty they came from.

IMHO anyone who encourages illegal immigration is at worst a traitor and at best an idiot. Period.

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Beach Girl said...

Good, Subvet - glad I found you here.

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