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Thursday, January 25, 2007

"Don't have to be a weatherman to know how the wind blows..."

I believe there's more of this to come.

Using brass knuckles doesn't sound like a spontaneous outbreak of alcohol & testosterone fueled juvenile aggression. It sounds premeditated. Period.

And it won't be the last time we see articles like this. JQ Public will become increasingly frustrated with the Islamists in this country and will act out. Machismo charged teenagers will step up to the plate first. But there will be plenty to follow after them.

The Muslims in this country better wake the hell up. They can start supporting the USA and condemning the likes of HAMAS, AL QUEDA, etc or be prepared to reap a whirlwind.

Is this "blaming the victim". Nope, because as a group Muslims have been silent, evasive and equivocal in their condemnation of Islamic based terrorism. Your average American is getting sick and tired of it all. And that average American is basically a decent sort, he knows how to seperate those who are with him from those who are against.

Don't know how this will eventually turn out. Maybe the Islamists will sucessfully play "victim", maybe the American public will clean house, maybe something else will be the result.

But it might not be pretty for anyone involved.

Are the idiots at CAIR and other such groups listening?


linearthinker said...

I urge you not to jump to premature conclusions regarding the atheletes' motives and methods.

Point 1. Your yahoo link is to an AP article. Need I say more?

Point 2. The victims found excuses on two occasions why they couldn't meet with the Greensboro PD investigators. Six days after the incident, the police had not been able to interview them. All statements from them are being handled by their attorney.

Point 3. The brass knuckles claim has been refuted by a later account from a student. There may have been a watch band involved.

Point 4. Guilford College had "about twenty-five witness statements", and after several days ruminations, couldn't make an objective statement about what happened.

Point 5. Guilford College, before the last two alleged assailants were arrested, had called five students before the college's judicial board for possible violations of the campus code of conduct. Three of these five were the alleged victims, only two were from the group of alleged assailants.

Point 6. Before the local authorities can interview the victims, it's announced the FBI will be entering the fray next week due to the allegations of hate crimes.

Point 7. Guilford College has removed the alleged assailants, as well as the alleged victims, from their campus residences, in some cases the college is paying for their housing elsewhere.

My hunch? There's more going on here than anyone not involved with the investigation(s) can grasp from the early media bloviating. The school is very cautious, as it should be. The police aren't able to talk to the victims? Now the FBI will be tilting everything toward a federal hate crime. If you've been following the selective investigating practices of the FBI in recent years, this does not auger well for anyone except the victims. We'll see.


As to the rest of your post after the first paragraph, I couldn't agree more.

linearthinker said...

Add to my first comment:

Point 8. Michael Six, one of the arrested atheletes, received a stab wound in the incident. There is more discussion and a link to Six's wound image at Power and Control.

Subvet said...

LOL, well you've certainly done your research! Thanks for the additional information.

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