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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Cleaning out my mental attic.

Cleaning out the attic of my mind.

1) Is anyone really suprised Hillary is going to run for President? My guess is we'll have her as a Presidential candidate and Barack Obama as Vice Presidential candidate. That covers all bases for the liberals in this country. You've got a black, anti-war, pro abortion, pro tax increasing VP and a female, anti-war, pro abortion, pro tax increasing President who is also a Clinton. Do I miss anything here? The funny thing is that too many folks would vote Democratic just for the race of Obama and the sex/name recognition of Clinton.

So why am I not laughing?

2) Does following Islam make a large amount of people flat stupid? Yeah, I realize 9/11/2001 wasn't pulled off by the Three Stooges, got it. But a point Robert Spencer brought up in a recent interview keeps recurring, i.e. that even when Islamists win by playing "victim" they lose because more people wake up to their true nature. The "flying imams" come to mind. I'm sure there are too many folks who will swallow hook, line and sinker the argument they were "profiled" and "mistreated". But I'm thinking more than a few are listening to the story and thinking, "Hey, just a second. This isn't right!" One of the Islamic main mouthpieces, Ibrahim Hooper, comes off as a dumbass everytime I hear him. And I recall a story from Afghanistan that detailed a favorite tactic of coalition forces was to drive through a village with loudspeakers blaring, "Members of the Taliban have sex with pigs" or similar endearments. The troops could always count on an unthinking, enraged response that resulted in successful combat.

I just went from the American Midwest to Afghanistan with my argument, I know. Bear with me. The common thread is all these nitwits follow Islam. As many examples as I cited could be easily matched and doubled by some simple research. And every one of the actions I cited makes smarter people than I scratch their heads in amazement.

Don't get me wrong. The Islamonazis are the biggest threat we've got and they're not to be underestimated. Nope. But still, stupid is as stupid does. IMHO a large amount of the success they HAVE had can be attributed to the willful stupidity of our political elite. Just my opinion.

3) The local fishwrap recently had a column decrying the lack of healthy food available to our poor. It results in an obesity epidemic amongst them. HUH??

I always thought poor people suffered from not enough food. I didn't know they could be eating too much of any food to the point of looking like Shamu. But that's what I get from reading too many National Geographic magazines as a kid I guess. I should realize that American poor are different than poor folk anywhere else.

Tsk, tsk.

4) What annoys the batsnot out of me is trying to discuss something with someone and having a personal attack launched on me. The Age of The Internet seems to encourage that. Can't count how many times I start discussing something online and have my patriotism/intelligence/morals questioned for voicing a dissenting opinion. The anonymity of the Web seems to make a lot of folks indulge their penchant for insult. That didn't happen too much in the past. I'm 6'3" and always worked out a fair amount, even during my drinking days. Maybe that encouraged civility. I don't know.

But the complete lack of it at times can get galling.


Old Gary said...

You wrote, "I always thought poor people suffered from not enough food. I didn't know they could be eating too much of any food to the point of looking like Shamu."

I think it's because they are eating the "wrong" foods rather than not enough. Ever notice how busy the fast food restaurants are? And women don't cook as much as they used to. Restaurant meals just aren't as healthful as home-cooked.

I used to irritate my ex-wife by saying that our next house would not have a kitchen, just a little nook for a microwave.

Cookie..... said...

...As always...I enjoy readin yur thoughts and comments....Good Post Subvet....

Subvet said...

Thanks fellas. Cookie, glad to see you're back in action.

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