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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Pipes on losing.

Daniel Pipes has an interesting article titled, "How the West Could Lose" here.

What flagged my attention was his comments about "lawful Islamism" and it's threat potential. This is what we here in the USA will be faced with in the near future.

We're too strong militarily to be confronted head on by the jihadists. 9/11 type attacks will always be a possibility but I DON'T believe the majority of thinking Islamists wish to go that route against us. I believe that our reaction after 9/11 suprised many of them, Bin Laden included (did he plan on being in a cave this long)?

Any more of that style attack only works directly against them and they know it. A lot of credit for no repetition of 9/11 is taken by the Bush Administration and they deserve a good portion. But as porous as our southern borders are, is it likely there's been no infiltration of terrorists since then, UNLESS THEY DEEMED IT WAS AGAINST THEIR INTERESTS?

The ballot box is the route they'll go to take us over. They'll use our own laws and penchant for religious tolerance against us. It's already in the works, it can be seen anytime a Muslim cries "racism", anytime CAIR representatives start pontificating, anytime we're enjoined to be more "understanding". They'll use the system any way possible. Currently they're involved with lobbying for our school textbooks to be changed, for "hate crimes" to include Islamophobia, etc.

Wanna bet they're not already getting out the vote for the next election? I don't mean the 2008 Presidential race, I mean any and all elections right down to dogcatcher for my little flyspeck town in NE Texas! What is really being said in the mosques of a "religion" that believes theres no separation between church & state? A religion that preaches Allah's law is to be followed in ALL things?

Currently Muslims number less than one per cent of our country's population. But you get the majority of them actively engaged in politics at all levels and they'll have an effect far beyond their numbers.

Pipes has got it right, notice that while he has no doubt about a victory in any head-on conflict there's some real doubt about countering "lawful Islamism".

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THIS is depressing!!
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