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Monday, December 11, 2006

Pigs are flying and some muslims "get it".

I came across this and just about fell out.

Seems moderate Muslims do exist and so it's in our own interests to realize that. Don't get me wrong, I'm not ready to make nice with any SOB that wants to put my wife in a burqa and take away my pulled pork sandwich (fighting words there!). And recognizing a common enemy with them doesn't mean we have to have them over for dinner or set up dates for them with our daughters. But our own history teaches us what happens when we lump everyone together who shares a history we detest.

Think of how long the Jews have been hammered because they chose Barrabas over Jesus. I really doubt any of the ones growing up in my neighborhood were around at that time. "Christ killer" has been applied to those people for a couple of thousand years now. You'd think it was time to give it a rest!

That's nowhere near the same category as being given the choice of religious conversion or death. That choice is all too common in the 56 countries run by Muslims. Coming soon to a country near you if we don't wake up to it.

Look we'll need all the help we can find over the next several years as we try killing off the hydra called Islam. Shutting out those moderates who DO want a reform in it would be against our best interests. By encouraging folks such as these we effectively nurture a fifth column inside the camp of the enemy. It's stupid to lump them all together and have potential allies believe their best interests are in working against us.

A point often made by several pundits is that the exploitation of the differences between factions of Islam is a legitimate weapon in our arsenal. So far the major factions all share one trait, animus towards Western Civilization. Finding a faction that doesn't want to supplant Western democracy with shari'a law and aligning ourselves with them is to our advantage. Period.

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Old Gary said...

Your mention of Barabbas reminded me of something I read several years ago.

Barabbas in Hebrew means Son (Bar) of Fathers (Abbas).

So in the Bible when Jesus was on trial, the people were asked to choose between the "son of our fathers" (Barabbas) or the "son of our Father" (Jesus).

Maybe I'm not repeating the words exactly but I think you will get the drift of the story.

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