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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Can't start 'em too young.

In the interests of full disclosure I admit to knowing my wife will, God willing, deliver a baby girl to us in late March or early April. Being the future father of a girl is already changing my outlook. I keep remembering the old joke about, "when you have a boy you always keep your eye on that little boy. But when you have a girl sooner or later you'll keep an eye on all the little boys"!

Those of us who remember that "going all the way" was something most girls didn't do can recall how different life was 35-45 years ago. To tell the truth, by not putting out most girls were able to command a greater degree of respect from men than they can today. Many would argue against a cause-and-effect relationship here but I remember my own highly testosterone fueled youth. Women tried to be ladies and demanded respect. They got it, while their sisters who were ripping and running with the guys got zilch.

Well, reading this seems to show that things haven't changed as far as the respect angle. The one that got me was "a friend with benefits". Uh-huh. Somehow she sounds more like "a spitoon for his sperm", with all the respect that would engender. And from my own experience I can say a girl like this is more the rule than the exception. What seems to have changed is the condoning of promiscuous behavior by society at large. Condoning my butt, it's actually being promoted. And they can't start 'em too young it seems. Check this out.

IMHO that's tragic. Really tragic.

Maybe I'm a troglodyte. But I believe children don't need indoctrination into sleaze. Children should be treated as the innocents they are and that innocence should be protected. We don't need to worry about them having it for too long. Not in today's world. I also believe that when girls grow into ladies they should be deferred to. Their attitude and behavior should demand that men act more civilized, more refined in their company. Not the other way around to where the men call the shots on behavior. Let's face it, we men are natural pigs. I believe we all gain something when we treat ladies with deference and respect. And I deliberately use the word "ladies" instead of women. There's a real difference.

Seems we've lost something. In that great sexual "revolution" a bit of our humanity slipped away and we were left with the appetites and behaviors of rutting goats.

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THIS is depressing!!
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