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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Solutions to the world's problems. It should be all about us.

Recently it's come to light that Iraq was a year or less from getting nukes. On one hand the right is shouting they're now vindicated in the WMD controversy while on the other the left (in the person of the New York Times) is hyperventilating about the risk to national security posed by a government website addressing this while posting details that might enable terrorists to construct a nuclear bomb.

My question on both points, "How is any of this really important?". Am I the only semi-sentinent being in the world that thought the whole WMD rationale for going to war was overblown but nevertheless we had several very good reasons to go?

C'mon, Hussein had been thumbing his nose at the Western world since we pulled back after Desert Storm. He routinely shot at our planes, made a mockery of the Oil-for-Food program (I'll grant that didn't come to light till AFTER we invaded), and to sum it up neatly he was a despot that needed deposing. Does anyone think he should have stayed in power, given his track record of torture and oppression? Yeah, I know there are other despots we could go after. Kim Jong Il comes to mind, maybe we'll get to him too eventually. But no matter what dirtbag we go after there will always be someone who will come up with a more deserving candidate. Bottom line, it was a dirty job that needed doing.

Am I saying we're the world's policeman? No, a cop doesn't do what he does solely out of self-interest and that's what should be driving our foreign policy. To tie it in with the above listed reasons for invading Iraq that foreign policy often meshes nicely with the best interests of indigineous (sp?) populations. Iraq is better for our deposing Hussein and we're safer for it. It COULD be done better! IMHO we should administer Iraq the same way we did Germany & Japan after defeating them. We've been too easy and it's gonna bite us there. But the original idea of going in and getting rid of Hussein was a good one, for us and the Iraqis.

Anything else we do should be driven by what's best for us. I really don't give a fat rat's patoot about "right" or "wrong", it's more about survival of this country. When I look at the news and find out there are now six more Middle Eastern nations trying to get nukes it gets my attention.
Sitting back and watching how things develop will hurt us in the long run. It always has.

What's best for us? Start acting like the only superpower in existence at this time. Institute a Pax Americana that includes whatever is necessary for making the world safe for the United States. We've a history of trying to be the nice guys and all it's gotten us is grief. Are we at all respected in the world at large? Don't seem to be and I wouldn't lay that at the doorstep of the Bush administration. If our "allies" had held us in high regard a mere six years of GW wouldn't erase it to where we're at today. As I said, all our good intentions have been for nought. Time to get REAL selfish and do what it take to keep us on top.

Let's abolish the UN, at least move them offshore somewhere. Is Anthrax Island still quarantined? How about the neighborhood of Chernobyl? Might be a good places for the UN. They seem to be about as useful as a set of tits on a teddy bear. Certainly don't help us any.

As we're doing that lets really beef up our military. DON'T institute a draft! But do whatever else will bring new recruits in. Let's get off the foreign oil addiction also, drill ANWAR, build some nuke reactors, do whatever it take to become self sufficent.

Seal the stinking borders! Don't just build a fence, mine the perimeters too! No, it isn't like the Berlin Wall either, that was built to keep people IN not out! We've got a right AND a duty to determine who can come into our country.

Chuck the actions taken because of the Church Commission. The hands of our intelligence agencies have been tied ever since that idiocy was allowed. Let them play dirty, it's a dirty world out there and nice guys finish last. We found that out on 9/11/01.

I could ramble on but I think my point is made. No more Mr. Nice Guy. Time to take the chains off Chang and get to work. Several times a week I look at my two young children and wonder what kind of world they'll have. With that thought, why should I care about what might be "right", "wrong", politically correct, etc.

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