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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Cue "Twilight Zone" theme......

From the Courier-Mail, an Aussie paper;

A SELF-proclaimed British multi-millionaire named Mohammed Islam who was arrested on the Gold Coast with almost $120,000 in cash is under investigation as to whether he has terrorist connections.Queensland police yesterday refused to comment on their investigation into the man, 22, but at this stage there is reportedly no evidence to link him with terrorist activity.

Islam allegedly had $118,000 in $50 notes in a suitcase and a mobile phone concealed in his rectum when he was arrested at a Surfers Paradise bus station on Thursday night.

Islam faced Southport Magistrate's Court yesterday charged with possessing tainted property but police prosecutor Sarah Fox said more serious charges could be laid......

You can't make this stuff up. Really. I have to wonder, does Islam lead to a lower IQ? How do you explain having a phone up your butt? And yeah, although the article never says he's a Muslim I'll make that assumption. Mohammed Islam isn't the sort of Irish-Catholic name most of my grade school classmates had.

And those of us who have had the "finger wave" will understand my puzzlement as to how do you fit the phone up there in the first place? I'd say his rectum has felt a fair amount of large, firm objects in order for him to even WALK with a cellphone up there! Plus he was busted in "Queensland". In a bus station. Does it get any better?

And I love the charge concerning "tainted property". You could go on for days with the comedy material from this one!

Bet the judge really reams him out.

Poor guy, he's really going to be the butt of a lot of jokes (I'll stop right there).

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Anonymous said...

Every sodomite I've ever met I've ever met I've always asked them the same question; "So, how many times did it take before you finally stopped flinching?"

Strange story.

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