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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Nanny State sinks to a new level....

Just when you think it can't get more intrusive;

In the last several years there have been stories about laptops issued by school districts that will monitor the users' actions without their knowledge, a school district in San Antonio with GPS chips in their student ID cards (mandatory for all of course), thermostats for home usage that can be remotely controlled and these are just what comes to mind as I sit here with my coffee trying to kill time while the kitchen floor gets tiled.

When the hell did we go from enjoying our individual lives and liberties into a hive existence? Because thats what it seems like, everyones' life becomes an open book for whatever intrusive cube ape working for the government wants to peer into.

Drones in the air, monitoring of Internet purchases (I WILL NOT buy that pressure cooker now!), cameras at every traffic light, intrusive searches at any major airport terminal, where does it all end?

A lot of it is done in the name of "public safety". Hey, the public will take care of itself when given half a chance. Look at how many would-be jihadists have been taken down by their fellow airplane passengers.

As for monitoring how long my shower might last when at a hotel, do ya think it stops there? I've already mentioned remotely controlled thermostats (which very thankfully were walked back after a public outcry). They started, IMHO, when the management of some hotels began limiting what a tenant could do with their room temperature.

Its the vigilance of the public that limits these things and quite often John & Joan Q. Public are asleep. Remember the last census and how it initially was criticized by Michelle Bachmann and others for being too inquisitive? Had it not been for her sounding the alarm the asshats in Foggy Bottom would know a lot more about the general public than they absolutely need to. If that doesn't seem to be an issue, look to Germany in the 1930's after Hitler took over. There was a VERY detailed census put out and all the good Germans did what they were told. Consequently when it came time to start rounding up the undesirables all the necessary data was at hand.

It's nobody's damned business if I take a long hot shower in a hotel. My kids don't need to be constantly monitored by strangers. If I want to buy a cooking utensil most people don't use these days it shouldn't be any concern of the government. End of story.

The list goes on and on, add to it as you like.

Bottom line: we're trading our freedoms for a false security. Yes, it even extends to how much water I use in the shower.

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THIS is depressing!!
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